Emerald City Masters Swimming

Kristen Snyder


Over the age of 18 and looking to swim organized and coached practices as part of a team? Masters swimming may be for you!

ABOUT US: The Emerald City Masters Swim team is a newly-created USMS team aimed at providing a legitimate, consistent and high-quality swim experience for adult swimmers of all ability. Coaches will be on deck at each practice and will deliver sets aimed to improve speed and endurance, with a heavy focus on stroke technique.

WHO CAN JOIN? Anyone who can swim 2 lengths of every stroke! Whether you’re a novice swimmer, former swimmer trying to stay in shape, triathlete trying to improve technique, college club swimmer, or a competitive USMS swimmer, THERE’S A PLACE FOR YOU HERE!

WHEN/WHERE ARE PRACTICES? Practices will be held at Syracuse’s Valley Pool on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 8:30-9:30 PM. The first scheduled date of practice is 11/27/18. EVENTUALLY more practice days will be added.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? During the initial session (beginning 11/27) practices will cost $3, and money will be collected at the door. Coupons can be purchased in advanced at 2/$5- if interested email the address below.


Please feel free to reach the Head Coach, Joe Amedro, at coachamedro@gmail.com for email updates leading up to the first night of practice.