The club included the following official information about USA Swim Registration to help you better understand why CSCI must collect the additional fee each season.

USA SWIM - Year Round Athlete Registration

Question: What do I get with my USA Registration?

In addition to Club Membership Fees, swimmers must also pay an annual fee to United States Swimming. A membership in United States Swimming, Inc. provides insurance coverage at all Camillus Swim Club practices and meets. This also guarantees the athlete's membership in one of the most highly organized and successful amateur athletics organization in the country. The application and payment must be received before a swimmer can enter the water.

USA Swimming By-Laws


All swimmers practicing with a member club or competing in events sanctioned by USA Swimming must be registered as athlete members of USA Swimming. Athlete members must meet the rules of eligibility contained in Article 303. No swimmer alleged to be ineligible shall be denied the right to register and compete without being afforded the opportunity to refute the allegations relating to his/her possible ineligibility, pursuant to Part Four

502.7 Fees

.1 The annual fee for each class of membership is composed of the following elements:

A)  A national fee established by the Board of Directors and House of Delegates, and

B)  A local fee established by the LSC, except in the case of Outreach Membership, where a local fee not to exceed $2 may be established.

.2 An LSC may charge a fee for transfers. 

Benefits of athlete membership in USA Swimming include:

1. Liability and secondary accident medical insurance (See Insurance Section for further explanation.)

2. Splash magazine (one per household) six times per year

Registration cannot be denied to any athlete without a formal hearing before a Board of Review in accordance with USA Swimming Rules and Regulations, Article 401, Hearings and Appeals.

USA Swim Calendar Year

Athlete membership is for a calendar year period (January through December). New or renewing athlete memberships processed on or after September 1 will be valid through December of the following year.