Testimonials About FAST

At FAST we are confident in the amazing, nurturing and safe environment that we provide.  We also feel it's important for potential new families to FAST to hear from existing families on how their experience with FAST has been.

Below are some comments regarding FAST that have been provided by Team Alumni, Swim School customers, etc.


Dear Marci,

I am at the office facebooking the swimming alumni page and happened upon the FAST site. I saw your email and had to send you a quick note. Thanks so much for everything. Swimming was the stable foundation of my childhood. I think that it is responsible for the discipline that I needed in the Marines and in my education. 
Now that I'm turning 40 this year I'm reflecting back to where it all began. I saw your son last summer when I visited the pool with my wife. I was back for my 20th reunion. I talked with your son. Coaching is in the blood I guess.
I'm a Chiropractor in North Carolina these days and teaching a little college on the side. I am of course a triathlete and open water swimmer like all the other fairport swimmers. Life is good. What you do makes successful adults. 

Thanks again,

Dr. Tyler Earnst



we are new to the area. We moved from Greensboro, NC where my daughter was 5 and involved in a fantastic swim program there.  We heard that FAST was one of the best and want to get back into lessons as soon as possible.   What do you offer for the summer?  Thank you.



My son is 8 and I would like to sign him up for swimming lessons.  My friend Andrea Prosser sent me information and highly recommends the FAST program.  



My 6 year old girls did a non-competitiive team in the spring and summer.  They can swim laps but need stroke work.  A friend of mind did some swim lessons with FAST and she was very pleased with her daughters improvement.  


Hi Ryan, Marci and Mike,
I wanted to thank all three of you for the coaching you provided Victoria this past club season. It meant more to Victoria than she even let me know. I only wished that I made the move sooner in Victoria's swimming. I thought you all should know what a impact you made on Victoria. Over the past couple weeks Toria was nominated for Captain of Brockport's swimming team. If this was last year or any of the previous years Victoria herself knew she was not captain material. So, when she came to me and told me one of the younger girls nominated her for captain and she was going to go for it I was surprised. Vic came to me and asked me to listen to her speech she had written to run for captain. I want you guys to know the whole speech was how much of a impact you 3 were on Victoria. From the first day walking into the new team with all these older kids she swam against for years, to the talks when she did not swim her best at a meet.  Things are much better and her outlook on swimming has totally turned around again. 

Once again, thank you for welcoming Victoria and being so kind. She has met some really nice friends. The girls on your team were wonderful to her also.