Fairport Area Swim Team Lessons

  1. If not already selected, choose "FAST Swim School" under "Program Filter." It is not necessary to set any other filters.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Monday/Wednesday" or "Tuesday/Thursday" to view the available sessions. Please note that the pricing displayed is for swimmers under age 5.  For swimmers aged 5-12, the price will be adjusted later in checkout, you will have to apply a coupon code. Coupon code for ages 5 and above listed below. 
  3. Click "Register" under the desired Session/Time. Pay careful attention to session dates and class times to make sure you register for the correct session.
  4. Click "Add Student" under the displayed lesson times to select an existing student or add a new one.
  5. After selecting or adding a student, click "Continue" and then click "Place in Shopping Cart."
  6. Click "Pay by Credit Card" or "Pay by Check." Do not add additional students at this step. Each registration must be completed separately. 
  7. If your swimmer under age 5, leave the coupon code field blank.  If your swimmer is aged 5-12, enter 5-12 in the coupon code field.
  8. Click "Proceed to Checkout."
  9. If paying by credit card, you will need to enter your card information.  For either payment method, you will need to acknowledge your agreement to the Medical Release and Liability waivers.
  10. Click "Pay and Submit" 
NOTE: If you do not already have an account, you may be asked to create one.  


General information about our swim lessons program & basic facility rules:

-We reccomend ages 4 and above, with that said if your child is 3.5 years old we will take them, however please make sure you believe they are ready for a group activity such as swim lessons.
-We want to make sure this is a happy, stress free environment for all participants, while we understand that swimming lessons can be a little overwhelming for first timers if they are crying and unable to respond to the instructor/instructions for a ten minute period we are going to ask that they step out for that day, at the next lesson if they are still crying we are going to recommend that that child takes a break & tries again at a future session (if this occurs we can discuss reimbursement for the remainder of the session). We are making this change because we believe that the crying & the stress can be distracting to our other swimmers and we want to make sure that all participants are getting the most out of their lessons.
-All lesson time slots are on a first come first serve basis.
-These are group lessons & we cannot guarantee a 1:1 lesson, and at any point your child can be placed in a group.
-No person not participating in the lesson (this includes parents, grandparents, nannies) are allowed on the deck.
-No interrupting the lesson under any circumstance. (unless its an emergency)
-If someone other then the parent of the child is bringing them to a lesson they MUST be aware of all rules. Please make sure you advise them correctly.
-Once you have registered for a particular session & that session has begun you cannot switch times, please plan your other activities/appointments accordingly to what you have already registered for.
-These lessons are 2x per week (with the exception of any holidays that may fall on a weekday). We cannot mix & match days, you can register for Monday/Wednesday OR Tuesday/Thursday.
-1x per week is not an option.
-You cannot have your child come one day, & then have an additional child come on the other day.
-You cannot leave the property during the lesson. Parent/guardian must be present.
-For any issues/comments during the lesson please communicate with Carly (the program director). Do not interrupt your child's instructor.
-When communicating with Carly at the pool please pick an appropriate time to do so. Do not try to communicate/ask questions during the start time, or the switch over between lessons.
-We do not offer makeups or credits if you do not show up for your scheduled lesson. You will only receive a credit if we have to cancel for any reason, if we do cancel you have 6 months to use your credit before it will expire.
-If your child has an instructor gender preference you may let me know however we cannot guarantee a specific gender.
-Children not participating in the lesson must be monitored at all times. -Children cannot hang on/climb on/stand on railings in bleacher area.
-No one is allowed in the gym, other then to enter the pool area.
-Please be aware that there will be other groups using the locker rooms, do not leave any belongings in the locker room. Bring all personal items into the bleacher