USA Swimming Registration

Member registration for swimmers and non-athlete members. (Parents who have swimmers will register their swimmers. Parents do not need to register themselves unless they are a USAS non-athlete member.)

These directions assume that a parent has created their USA Swimming login account already. If you haven't created your login account yet, simply start with "create a login" since you won't have a login yet, and follow the steps. (Note that creating a login is usually for the parent, so when you finalize the login account, the questions pertain to you, not your child.) If you are unsure, PLEASE REACH OUT.

Navigate to the Online Member Registration page for the Fairport Area Swim Team (FAST)

  • This link will be provided to you separately.
  • Click LOGIN.


  • Enter Username and Password. (If you haven't created a parent account yet, click "Create a Login" and follow the steps to do so.)
  • Click LOGIN.



  • After logging in, ensure that the club displayed is Fairport Area Swim Team (FAST). If it does, Press CONTINUE.
  • If it does not, please contact a club administrator.


Who is Membership For?

  • If the membership is for you, select the first option:
    • This membership is for myself, XXXXXX.
    • Your information will be displayed on the follow page.
    • Complete the pages which follow.
  • If you are the parent, and you are registering your swimmer, select:
    • The Membership is for someone other than the logged-in user.
    • Has this person ever had a USA Swimming Membership?
    • Answer YES if the swimmer or member has been registered with USA Swimming in the past. You will RENEW their member registration. (SEE SCREENSHOTS BELOW.)
    • Answer NO if the swimmer or other person is NEW to USA Swimming.
  • If you are registering non-athlete members (e.g. coaches, officials, etc), apply the same principles in above parent example.




Search for the member:

Enter member First Name, Last Name, and DOB.

If your search does not find your swimmer, and he/she was definitely a member, please check the spelling and DOB or ask for help before going back to Registration Entry and choosing “Create New Membership.” It is best if the member can be linked properly at this step.

When you find your swimmer, click on their member name, which is hyperlinked to their ID.



Complete any required fields that are not populated. Press CONTINUE.



The following screen will display if the swimmer is 16 years or older. Complete and press CONTINUE.



Complete the Emergency Contact fields. Press CONTINUE. (Note that you may enter additional contacts if desired after you press CONTINUE.)



Enter the Membership Category.

  • For swimmers this will be PREMIUM ATHLETE.
    You may optionally view “Show Membership History” to see prior history.
  • For non-athlete members, select all category that applies. Example: Coach + Official if member does both. You will only pay for one membership type per person. When done, press CONTINUE.




Answer the Ethnicity questions and press CONTINUE.



Gender / Competition Category

Depending on the registrant’s age, the gender and/or competition category will be asked. When done, press CONTINUE.



Acknowledge the Legal Disclaimers (read, then slide the bar to Yes for each.)



Type your name to indicate your signature. Then press SIGN THE DOCUMENTS.


Member Summary

A summary page is presented. Click the drop down to view an itemized list for the charges. Click on the Edit icon to go back to individual pages of registration. Click on the trash can to delete.

If you have another member to register, click ADD ANOTHER MEMBER to do so prior to checking out.




A cart / check out page displays next.

Enter payment information to complete the registration.