Marlins Coaching Philosophy

Marlins Swimming's purpose is to promote, develop, encourage, and foster:

  • Promote lifelong fitness
  • Develop qualities of leadership and sportsmanship
  • Encourage team involvement
  • Foster self-confidence

Marlins Swimming works to do these by providing a competitive swim experience in an environment where a swimmer's full potential can be reached.

There is no secre that due to the nature of our sport, Marlins are involved in helping swimmers to become faster, howevery that is not the only purpose behind the coaching staff goals for Marlins.

Our coaching staff has put together the following qualities that we are far more interested in building and fostering in athletes through the sport of swimming:

  • Goal Setting - Helping athletes determine how to set and accomplish goals
  • Prioritizing - Helping athletes understand the importance of the things in their life, even if swimming is not #1
  • Self-Motivation - In life, we need to be intrinsically motivated
  • Work Ethic - Hard work ALWAYS pays off
  • Limits & Boundaries - Every athlete should strive to be the best that THEY can ve; they should not worry about how others are doing.  We will encourage  and promote athletes to understand and be in control of the things that they can control and to let go fo the things that they cannot.
  • Teamwork - A chain is only as strong as its weakest link
  • Healthy Lifestyle - Swimming for life!
  • Responsibility - There are consequence to EVERY decision that we make, good and bad

The Marlins coaching staff will be putting an emphasis on self-improvement.  Very few swimmers will become Olympic athletes.

The attention of the Marlins coaching staff will always be on the athletes working the hardes to achieve their goals.  This has not and will not always be the fastest swimmers, but tends to be the dedicated swimmers.