2-Week Trial New Parent Information

Welcome to Marlins Swimming!  The following is information on our club that you will find useful during your two-week trial, and if you decide to join the team.

 Why give my child a trial?

  • A trial allows you to try out the team for a couple of practice weeks to see how you and your child enjoy the team. 
  • In order to participate in a 2-week trial, each swimmer must be registered online.

What do I need to know about swim practice?

  • Swimmers practice with kids of similar ability.  Kids progress through the levels as they gain more skills, more strength and more maturity.  Levels progress as follows: Junior 1-4 and Senior 1-3. 
  • New swimmers in Junior Level 1 are encouraged to make it to two practices per week. Junior Level 2 swimmers are encouraged to practice 2-3 times per week. The nights can be chosen by the parents and can change every week. There is no need to tell us in advance - just show up when a practice is offered at either pool.  You may attend as many practices as you like per week that are scheduled for your child’s level.

What should my swimmer bring to swim practice?

  • Kids can wear their suit to practice under their clothes. They should change after practice in the locker room. Bring a towel, dry clothes, goggles, a swim cap, water bottle, and a smile :)


  • Practice Suits: A normal summer (Walmart/Target/Kids Clothing Store) swimsuit will be fine for your child to wear during the trial.  If you decide the stay on the team, a good quality practice suit is needed, as they are made to endure the indoor pool environment better.  Boys suits are a ‘jammer’ style suit and girls must be a one-piece training suit. Our team is sponsored by Speedo, and a most of your gear can be purchased from our affiliate store: www.swimoutlet.com/marlinsswimming.

  • Team Suits:  All swimmers will need to purchase a team suit and team swim cap once they join the team.  We usually partner with The Deep End to offer a suit sizing night at the beginning of the season, but suits can be ordered year-round at their store.  Team suits should be worn for meets only, and not practice.

Next steps:

  • During the second week of the 2-week trial, the Registrar will send out an email with instructions on registering. 
    • If you choose to register for the team, please follow the instructions provided in the email. Once you register, you will receive a login for the website, and regularly receive email updates on meetings, practices, meets, etc.

Registration Fees and Dues:

  • Check out the latest Dues & Fees on our website, under Swim With Us!

Swimmers leaving the club during the year are still responsible for payment of full dues.  Petition for withdrawal for medical reasons may be presented to the board for review and approval.



  • Since Marlins Swimming is a volunteer-run organization, every family is required to earn a minimum of 100 volunteer points. During the year there will be many opportunities to volunteer. Each job has a point value associated with it. When a family reaches 100 points, their minimum commitment is done. However, we still need volunteers throughout the entire season.  

New Family Meeting: 

  • We hold family meetings a few times a year and all parents are encouraged to attend and ask questions! We hold these during swi practice and it is a good opportunity for new families to meet each other and learn more about the team.

Who can I contact with more questions? 

  • Any member of our Board of Directors are happy to help you, and can answer questions about registration, fees, website, meetings and other “dry side” related issues.
  • Coaches are also available after practices for any swim related questions. Please stay off the pool deck for the safety of everyone.
  • You can also contact [email protected] for more information.