COVID-19 Protocols


These protocols are subject to change and will be communicated to our families in email and on our website.

Please remember, our #1  is to ensure team safety while returning to the pool.  We need the cooperation of all of our swimmers, families, and staff to work together to maintain a safe environment for everyone. 

We would like to remind everyone that it is a privilege to rent the facilities that we do.  We must all respect the protocols that we have set forth to not jeopardize the opportunity to begin to re-open our swim team.  Please share these rules with your swimmers and emphasize the importance of following them.  Thank You!  -Marlins Swimming Board of Directors

Athletes are NOT permitted to attend practices if…

  • They have a fever, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, headache, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, or other symptoms listed by the CDC
  • They were not allowed to attend school due to symptoms
  • Anyone in household has symptoms or has tested positive for COVID-19
  • They have been exposed to anyone who has symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19
  • They have traveled to a known hotspot in the last 14 days*

* Please notify the Board of any pre-arranged travel plans and the Board will evaluate each situation on a case-by-case basis


Athletes must come to practice with…

  • Face Mask
  • Water Bottle
  • Practice Equipment (cap, goggles, kickboard, fins, paddles, etc.)
  • Wearing a swimsuit


  • Swimmers will arrive at the pool ready to swim, i.e. in their suits and ready to swim.  No locker rooms or deck changes on site.
  • Swimmers arrive to practice and enter the pool no more than 10 minutes early.  Swimmers should only have enough time to remove clothes from over top of their suits, grab their goggles and water bottles, and put on their cap.
  • After leaving vehicles, athletes walk in separately, 10 feet apart.  Parents remain in cars and do NOT enter the building/pool area. 
  • We will be asking for a parent volunteer during each practice to marshal the kids into and out of the pool and ensure we are maintaining social distancing and COVID-19 protocols are being followed.
  • Water fountains will not be accessible.  Swimmers must bring their own filled water bottles to practice.
  • We are currently limited to a total of 50 people in the pool area at a time, so parents are asked to wait in their vehicles, take a walk outside, or drop your swimmer off and come back in time for pickup.
  • Session pre-registration may be required to limit the number of swimmers in the pool area at a time.
  • Masks will be required to be worn anytime swimmers are not in the pool.
  • A single, gender neutral bathroom will be used for emergencies only.  Masks will be required to be worn while using the restroom.
  • Parent Marshals, Coaches, and Lifeguards will wear masks.
  • Swimmers and staff will practice good hygiene and 6 ft. social distancing; no coughing/sneezing on other people.
  • Locker rooms will not be available for changing.  Swimmers are expected to towel off on deck and dress quickly in warm clothes, to allow for the next practice groups to enter the deck.
  • Parents will not be allowed to congregate in groups in the vestibule outside of the pool.
  • Please ensure your swimmer has a spare cap and goggles, as swimmers will not be allowed to share.


Communication Plan


  • Communication will continue to be through our normal channels: e-mail and text.  If the Board or coaching staff needs to speak with parents, they will do so through these avenues.
  • We have created a new section on our internal website to share COVID-19 plans, news, and updates.
  • If you, your swimmer(s), or anyone in your family is exposed or diagnosed with COVID-19, please notify us as soon as possible via email to [email protected].
  • Notification to other families – contact info will be kept confidential, however families exposed will be notified.


  • If your child is not feeling well during practice, they need to notify their coach immediately, and parents will need to pick up their swimmer immediately.


  • Staff will be required to self-report.  If staff are not feeling well, they will need to communicate to the Head Coach, so she can make accommodations.


  • Any changes to facility use will come from the school district and through the Board of Directors.
  • Marlins will communicate to the facility for any known COVID-19 exposure – contact info will be kept confidential



If COVID-19 protocols are not adhered to for the safety of all of our team, the following consequences will be enforced:

1st Infraction – Verbal and Written warning to swimmer and his/her family

2nd Infraction – $25 fine and 14 day suspension from practices/meets/activities

3rd Infraction – Your swimmer will be removed from the team and dues will not be refunded.

Staff Consequences:

1st Infraction – Written warning and 14-day suspension without pay

2nd Infraction – Immediately removed from position

An Infraction is defined as: reporting to the pool with symptoms, not adhering to social distancing and/or hygiene protocols, failure to adhere to COVID-19 protocols outlined in this document.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: What if my athlete has symptoms or suspected exposure to COVID-19?

A: Athletes are not allowed to attend practices.  Swimmers who have had any members in their household who are symptomatic or have had suspected exposure to COVID-19 may not attend for 14 days.  Report any illness to [email protected] so staff can trace and ensure the safety of all athletes.

Q: What protective equipment is required?

A: Anyone who is in the pool area is required to wear a mask in the facility.*

Q: What precautions are coaches and lifeguards taking to keep athletes safe?

A: Coaches and lifeguards will wear masks.  Staff will keep a 6’ distance except in emergency situations.



Q: Can my swimmer borrow equipment?

A: Due to an abundance of caution, kickboards and other equipment will not be available to borrow.  Swimmers are responsible for bringing all of their required practice equipment to the pool. 

Q: Can my swimmer leave their equipment at the pool?

A: Swimmers will not be permitted to leave personal belonging at the facility. 



Q: Can my swimmer change in the locker rooms after practice?

A: Locker room usage will be allowed at the Step under which Marlins Swimming is operating.

Q: Can my swimmer take a shower after practice?

A: No, athletes are advised to shower at home after practice.

Q: Can my athlete deck change?

A: No, USA Swimming rules prohibit deck changing (officially defined as: changing, in whole or in part, into or out of a swimsuit when wearing just one suit in an area other than a permanent or temporary locker room, bathroom, changing room or other space designated for changing purposes.)

Q: Where should my athlete go the bathroom?

A: Please ensure your swimmer has used the bathroom prior to coming to practice.  The Spencerport Pool office bathroom will be the only bathroom available in Step 1 for emergency use to limit exposure.  Swimmers will not be allowed to change clothes in the bathroom.



Q: Are parents or spectators allowed into the facility?

A: We will need one parent to sign up to be a marshal during each practice session



Q: Will my swimmer be able to move up a group?

A: Yes, level changes will be suggested as appropriate by the coaching staff.

Q: When will my swimmer be permitted to move up a group?

A: Group changes will occur when we are back to semi-normal operations and can allow more athletes in the water a time.



Q: How is Marlins Swimming complying with Safe Sport MAAPP with the new parent restrictions?

A: Marlins will continue to maintain at least two coaches on deck at all times.  Restricted parent signups to marshal will be available to help manage traffic flow and compliance to COVID-19 policies.



Q: What are swimmers advised to do after practice?

A: Swimmers and parents are advised to use hand sanitizer once leaving the pool facility to reduce any exposure to COVID-19, followed by handwashing at home.



Q: Can Marlins offer swim lessons?

A: Marlins will resume swim lessons in accordance with the appropriate re-opening schedule.

Q: Can new swimmers join Marlins?

A: Yes, Marlins will open registrations on March 29th for all new swimmers who would like to join the team or sign up for a FREE 2-week trial.


Marlins Swimming, Inc. is committed to conducting normal operations (as much as possible) within the limitations imposed by NYS and Monroe County.


* As required by NYS Dept of Health/Monroe County