In addition to providing a quality training atmosphere to our age group and high school athletes, the Liverpool Jets Swim Club is also dedicated to assisting collegiate athletes reach their training goals while they are home for the summer of for holiday breaks throughout the year.  Having college swimmers attend our Senior/Junior training sessions not only benefits themselves, but it also enhances the experience for our high school swimmers as they learn from their experience as they train alongside each other.  In addition, collegiate swimmers that have grown up with the club often come from families that have dedicated time and/or money into the program for years.  With all of this being said, it is the goal to reward college swimmers with an opportunity to train at a reduced cost. 

Who is considered a Collegiate Athlete:  Once an athlete has begun their first semester of college and are involved in competitive swimming, they may take advantage of the Jets College Connection training program.

What is considered the "season":  This annual program includes training during holiday breaks throughout the school year and the summer months.

USA Swimming:  All athletes must be registered with USA Swimming every calendar year.  Athletes should check with their college programs to see if they will be handling their USA Swimming Registration costs.    

Liverpool Jets Club Dues:  $200 - These dues cover the training costs of the athlete for an entire year (September-August).  Because of the opportunity to work off the cost of this program (see Service Discount below) there IS NOT a pro-rated dues structure for partial year memberships.   

Service Discount:  College Connection swimmers are eligible for a $100 per year discount towards club dues after the completion of ten (10) hours of volunteer coaching.  This can be done at any time through the year and with any of our training groups or swim camps.  Hours for which the college swimmer is being paid for cannot also be credited as volunteer hours.  It is the responsibility of the collegiate swimmer to keep track of the hours worked by having the attached sheet signed at the conclusion of each practice.  When the 10 hours have been completed, simply return the sheet to the treasurer so that $100 can be credited back to the athlete.  There are NO partial credits…it is either all 10 hours or nothing. 

Competitions:  All costs of competitions attended with the JETS are the responsibility of the college athlete.  This includes meet entry surcharges and event fees.
Registration:  STEP ONE - Complete the ONLINE Registration for the SUMMER SWIM SEASON - choose "College Connection". 
STEP TWO - Complete the COLLEGE CONNECTION registration form to track your hours.  When you hit 10 hours...turn in the form and $100 will be credited to your account.  Use that towards future memberships OR simply request a refund.