The primary focus of this level is to introduce new athletes to the sport of competitive swimming and prepare them for successful participation in our year-round Age Group training program.  In the Developmental Level, swimmers will have the opportunity to learn all four competitive strokes to USA Swimming standards.  Coaches use a variety of drills and games to break the stroke down in to smaller parts to help emphasis basic mechanics.  Starts and turns for each stroke are also a component of the instruction for this level.  Our enthusiastic coaching staff will share their passion for the water and begin to develop the well-adjusted student-athlete-citizen the Liverpool Jets Swim Club seeks to promote.  

The Developmental Level is our entry-level training group.  As a prerequisite, all swimmers entering this level should have completed level 4 in our lesson program OR have the ability to swim 25 yards freestyle and 25 yards backstroke.  Although this level will primarily consist of athletes between the ages of 6-11 years of age, an athlete’s ability will play a large role in their placement.   

The Developmental level consists of three 8 to 12-week sessions offered in the fall, winter, and spring.  The practice schedule will have two 45-minute to one-hour practices per week.  Swimmers are encouraged to attend 2 practices per week for best results - However WE DO NOT CARRY A MANDATORY ATTENDANCE POLICY.  

Current Registration materials will always be posted on the FRONT PAGE of our website.  And as with all of our levels, interested athletes should complete the NEW SWIMMER INQUIRY form...also found on the front page of our website.  For all of our sessions, we give first rites to returning athletes and then go to our waiting list to fill open spots.  When a spot becomes available, the club will reach out.  

*Practice schedules are subject to change.  Monthly calendars are distributed to assist
families with these adjustments in times and/or days of the week.