Workout Examples
Can't make it to the practice...but have access to a pool.  Here are a few workouts you can use to keep your progress going.  Feel free to adjust intervals and distances to meet your ability and needs. 

Sr/Jr Training Equipment Needs
As we head to different facilities (and eventually the great outdoors to train in the long course pools), we only have access to certain pieces of training equipment…basically a handful of kickboards.  Having a variety of equipment available for use helps to increase the variety and specificity of the training we will be doing.  As with last summer, swimmers training with Sr/Jr or AG2 will get the most out of their training if they have at least short fins and pull bouys.    

Places to shop...try OR Metro Swim Shop (they often sales around holidays)

Sr/Jr SWIMMER'S SHOPPING LIST (click for the list)

How to do the Perfect Pushup
Can't make it to the pool?  Run through a few sets of PERFECT pushups to give yourself an advanced upper body workout.  As with swimming, proper technique is crucial!
And a video version of similar material...(love the Boston accent!)

Shoulder Injury Prevention Exercises
These are notes that go along with a video on USA regarding the prevention of shoulder injuries.  These exercises are best done on a regular basis.  Younger athletes (ages 12-14) should progress slowly and gradually build exercises in over time. 

Shoulder Mobility and Stability Test
Once you can diagnose what the issue is, drills are provided to help improve the weak area.


Junior Group

   The primary focus of the Junior Training group is to introduce a more advanced training regimen for the swimmers.  Fine-tuning the biomechanics of their strokes and preserving technique as training is intensified becomes the goal of this group.  While these swimmers attend workouts to see friends and have fun, they are mostly there, however, because they have begun to develop a long-range plan for their swimming success.  Junior Level swimmers are introduced to race strategy and as well as a more formal approach to goal-setting.  

Junior group practices are scheduled alongside our Senior training group.  Through the majority of the year, 5 to 6 two-hour practices are scheduled per week.  Swimmers in this group are encouraged to attend 4 to 5 of these practices depending on age, ability, and the size of the role swimming plays into their lifestyle.  Dry-land training is typically added twice a week.   


Senior Group

Senior Level swimmers have chosen a lifestyle which places swimming as a very high priority.  They have chosen to remove other distractions from their lives so that they can look to achieve their potential in the water.  These swimmers have already demonstrated success in competition and need to be provided a challenging, well-organized training regimen in order to reach their long and short-term goals.  Senior Level swimmers begin to tie in the emotional, mental, and physical aspects of swimming to achieve success.  They understand that hard work is necessary and desirable if one plans on achieving a higher level of swimming success.  Senior Level swimmers fully understand the notion and the power of delayed gratification.  They realize that continued progress takes months of commitment. 

The Senior Level practice schedule includes 6-9 training sessions per week.  Senior group swimmers are expected to maintain a 90% attendance rate.  While some dry-land is continued, many of our Senior swimmers will look to enhance their swimming career through outside dry-land training programs at area gyms or personal trainers.     


Biathlon Championships

Each Summer, the Senior/Junior athletes compete in a biathlon competition.  The event consists of a 1650-meter swim followed directly by a 2.5-mile run.  In the first few years, the event took place at Liverpool High School.  The swim was an 1800 yard swim in the pool and the running course was on the school grounds.  But starting in the year 2006, the competition was moved to our summer long course facility in Onondaga Park.  The swim was converted into meters and the run consists of 4 times around the pond and pool facility with the finish line at the top of the stairs in the Gazebo. 

All-Time Girls Results
Records:  Overall ~ Rachel Hayes 41:14,   Swim ~ Carly Jones 21:28,   Run ~ Rachel Hayes 17:46

All-Time Boys Results
Records:  Overall ~ Tommy Manzo 37:54, Swim ~ Kevin Murphy 19:30, Run ~ JJ Ross 16:40

2019 Complete Results
Champions:  Claire Burke and Ryan Hiltbrand

2018 Complete Results
Champions:  John Licciardello and Lauren Thorne

2017 Complete Results

Champions: JJ Ross and Lauren Thorne

2016 Complete Results
Champions: John Liccardello and Lauren Thorne

2015 Complete Results

 Champions: Matt Petit and Sydnie Sovinsky
Link for Pictures (Contact Nicole for prints!)

2014 Complete Results
Champions: Nick Burdo and Sydnie Sovinsky
Link for Pictures (Contact Nicole for prints!)

2013 Complete Results
Champions: Nick Burdo and Sydnie Sovinsky
Link for Pictures (Thanks Nicole!)

2012 Complete Results
Champions:  Nick Burdo and Maddie Murphy

2011 Complete Results
Champions: Danny Burke and Rachel Hayes