The following is a list of criteria the coaching staff uses in determining whether a swimmer has earned the opportunity to be promoted to the next training group.  The consistent nature of this process allows swimmers to be fully aware of the requirements and certainly offers a fantastic opportunity to utilize their goal-setting skills.  As always, if you have any questions regarding your swimmer's progress, feel free to speak with their group coach before or after a practice sessions.  When an athlete achieves the requirements for the promotion, the athlete and/or parent will be notified by the coaching staff.  It is up to the discretion of the swimmer AND their parents as to whether they accept the promotion at that time.   

Achieving the criteria listed below is an ongoing process throughout the season.  While group coaches may utilize assorted "test sets" to gauge ability and endurance levels at various times during a season, there are no scheduled dates for promotion test sets.  They are implemented into the training session at the discretion of the group coach.  Furthermore, while not a policy, promotions are typically made in the months of September, December, and May.  These times of year correlate best with the training regimens of the group the swimmer will be moved into and will offer the easiest transition for the new swimmer and the group they are moving in to. 

Criteria for Promotion:

Developmental to the Age Group Level

Coach's recommendation and the following three criteria must be met:                            

       1. The swimmer should be 9 years of age or older (Head Coach's discretion on 8 and under athletes).                             

       2. The swimmer must be able to perform all four strokes and turns legally to USA Swimming standards.                              

       3. The swimmer must be able to complete the following set, with correct sendoffs, by him/herself:                                                

              5 x 100 yd Freestyle on 2:00 (10 years and under)
              5 x 100 yd Freestyle on 2:15 (11 years and older)

Age Group(AG1) to Age Group 2(AG2)

Head Coach's recommendation and at least three of the following criteria must be met:

         1. The swimmer should be 12 years of age or older (Head Coach's discretion on 11 and under athletes).   

        2. The swimmer must have two Silver Times for the 11-12 competitive age group (Updated 11/1/21)

        3.  Complete a set of 8 x 100 Free on a 1:40 interval and hold a 1:40 or better average pace on 3x300 test set.

       4. A recommendation from the Age Group coaching staff that the athlete has demonstrated a willingness to move towards a higher training group through consistent practice attendance, maturity, positive attitudes, and increased training abilities. 

*It should be noted that movement in to this group within the Age Group program brings with it a higher expectation of practice attendance and commitment.  If it seems as though the athlete is not ready to meet this obligation, they may be asked to re-join the original Age Group program.  


Age Group to Junior Level Option #1

Coach's recommendation and following three criteria must be met:                              

       1. The swimmer should be 12 years of age or older (Head Coach's discretion on 11 and under athletes).   

        2. The swimmer must have three 11-12 age group "Gold" times or has achieved a Section III - Class A Championship qualifying time.                            

       3. The swimmer must successfully complete one of the following sets:                              

                               5 x 100 yd Breaststroke on 1:50                              

                               5 x 100 yd Backstroke on 1:40                              

                               5 x 100 yd Butterfly on 1:50                              

                               8 x 100 yd Freestyle on 1:30

Age Group to Junior Level Option #2

Coach's recommendation and following three criteria must be met:

1. The swimmer should be 12 years of age or older (Head Coach's discretion on 11 and under athletes).

2. The swimmer must have three 14-year old "SILVER" times

3.  The swimmer can complete a set of 12 x 100 free on 1:30.


Junior to Senior Level

Coach's recommendation and the following criteria must be met:                              

       1. The swimmer must be at least 15 years of age.

       2. The swimmer must demonstrate a strong commitment to the sport as demonstrated through practice attendance at the Junior Level.                               

       3. The swimmer must have achieved a 15 and Over Niagara LSC Championship Time Standard in at least 2 events.                              

       4. The swimmer must successfully complete one of the following sets:

                               SET                                    BOYS/GIRLS                      

                               8 x 100 yd Freestyle          1:15/1:20                         

                               8 x 100 yd Backstroke       1:20/1:25                          

                               8 x 100 yd Butterfly           1:25/1:30                              

                               8 x 100 yd Breaststroke     1:25/1:30