The sport of competitive swimming offers its athletes so many positive benefits.  Certainly one of those is the ability to facilitate a quality goal setting experience.  Due to the structure of the sport with common race distances under common elements with results that are not dependent upon another force...such as the strength of an opposing defense...we can truly compare results over the course of a season and across a lifetime.  Success is largely based on a continual progression of the athlete and a lowering of their personal best times.  

To help keep provide a scaffolding for this progression, qualifying time standards have been created for a hierarchy of swim meets.  As the athlete ages up, the qualifying times continue to strength...always creating a challenge to work towards.  Our goal is to create a section of our website dedicated to collecting useful time standards.  It should also be stated that these and other standards can also be found using your OnDeck App on a smartphone.  

(updated 11/1/2022)
This document contains short course yards cuts for most of our meets on one sheet of paper.  The target meets are Silvers, AUU Summer Nationals, Golds, Age Group Zones, and USA Sectionals.  

(Includes Travel Guide on Page 2)


Prior to 1999, swimming results were kept in hard copy only.  Much effort has been made to locate Liverpool Jets Swim Club results from 1972 to 1999.  If you have a copy of a meet program, an old award label, or anything else that would help us update these team records, PLEASE contact Coach Zac at [email protected]   
FEMALE TOP 10 (Short Course Yards) (Updated 5/4/2022)
MALE TOP 10 (Short Course Yards) (Updated 5/4/2022)