2019-2020 Liverpool Jets Membership

The Liverpool Jets Swim Club is a nonprofit organization which depends heavily upon membership fees to meet its operating expenses.  We have a Single Payment Option and a Payment Plan Option (which includes a $50 surcharge).  Upon registration, families choosing the payment plan option will provide the club with checks for ALL payments that are due later in the season.  Checks used to cover payments in November and December will be held for deposit on the first business day following November 1st and December 1st.  An e-mail will be sent out 2 weeks prior to deposit as an additional reminder to families that the payments will be made.  A fee of $25 will be enforced on all returned checks.  It is the family’s responsibility to inform the Executive Board of any issues prior to the payment deadline.  If a different form of a payment plan is necessary, please contact treasurer Kim Hunter to make arrangements at 480-2324 or [email protected].


2019-2020 Membership Dues Chart (.pdf)

VENMO Payment Option
With so many different facilities being used, parents now have another option for paying their account balance.  In addition to mailing a check to Kim Hunter (address is on the actual invoice that is sent), families can now use the VENMO app to electronically send in a payment.  Once logged into YOUR Venmo account, you can send money to @LiverpoolJets.  Please include your swimmer's name in the "notes" section.  The payment deadline of the 20th of each month will continue to remain in affect.  While you will see the funds taken out from your BANK account immediately, there is a lag time between when you will see them credited to your JETS account balance.  Payments entered by the 20th of the month will be entered before the close of the month.   

Competition Fees

When swimmers attend an invitational, the club is charged a fee for each event and a deck fee.  Event fees range between $2.50 and $5.00 per event, while deck fees can be any where between $0 and $5 per swimmer.  After a meet entry is completed, the appropriate charges are billed to the family account of the athlete.  Invoices are sent out via e-mail at the end of every month and are payable by the 21st of the following month.  Typically, the cost of attending a competition ranges from $15-$20.  Read below for more Frequently Asked Questions regarding competition fees.    Typi


Out Reach Program

If a swimmer qualifies for free or reduced lunch at school, they will be eligible for a reduction in dues by 20%.  Additionally, the cost of the USA Swimming membership is reduced from $84 down to $7.  A simple form is necessary to activate this program.  Print off the OUTREACH APPLICATION form and submit it with any of the qualified documentation to the club treasurer.    


Refund Policy:        

All new swimmers entering into the Developmental Level are given a two-day trial period.  Those new swimmers entering one of our year-round levels (Age Group, Junior, and Senior) are given a one-week trial period. These trial periods allow the swimmer to see if the Liverpool Jets Swim Club is right for them and for the coaches to see if the swimmer is right for the club. In light of this trial option, the Jets do not offer refunds unless there is a documented medical excuse. 


Competition Account Questions

How are competition fees determined?  The host of a swim meet determines the fees associated with the competition under guidelines set forth by the Niagara District.  At most invitationals, individual event fees range from $2.50 to $5.00.  A deck fee is a charge tacked on by the host club to help defray the cost of facility rental and other charges that come with hosting a competition.  Additionally, the Liverpool Jets Swim Club typically adds an additional $1-$2 surcharge per athlete to help cover the costs of the club's expenses related to the team attending a competition.  

If an athlete signs up for a meet but cancels his/her entry BEFORE the registration deadline, is the family still charged?  NO.  Since the entry can be removed from the team entries before the file is sent to the meet host, no charges are billed to the club.

If an athlete signs up for a meet but finds out AFTER the registration deadline that they cannot attend (illness, another obligation pops up, etc.), is the family still charged?  YES.  Once the meet entry file is sent to the meet host, the club is billed for the entry.  As such, those charges are passed on to the family of the athlete

Are there entry fees for relay events?  YES - the club incurs additional fees for the relays that are entered (usually $12 for each relay).  However, the individual swimmers ARE NOT billed for their participation.  Relays entries often change while we are at a meet, it would be a logistical nightmare to go back and apply charges to them.  ARE NOTpants ARE NOT billed.     the the individualFreFre

When are the competition fees billed to the family accounts?  After the online regsitration deadline passes, the coaching staff finalizes the team's entries and sends them along to the meet host.  Once that entry file is received, the Jets then applies the appropriate fees to the accounts of the families that have swimmer's attending the swim meet.

What if a coach adjusts an entry for an athlete?  Prior to sending the entry file to the host club, our coaching staff reviews and approves the event list chosen by the swimmer.  This is to ensure that there is some guidance during the entry process.  The philosophy of this club is for all swimmers to eventually become competitive in ALL strokes and ALL distances that are appropriate the swimmer's age and ability.  There may be times when an event may be added, deleted, are changed by the coaching staff.  Competition fees are not applied to the family accounts until AFTER the final entry file is sent to the host club.  The family is responsible for all charges that are related to their swimmer's participation. 

Do all meets have entry fees?  All of the invitationals that the team attends have entry fees.  However, dual meets between the JETS and one other team typically do not cost anything other than a small sanction fee for the host club.  Therefore, there usually are not meet entry fees for the participants.