Insight for New "Swimming Families":

      Competitive swimming offers so many positive benefits to its athlete.  Friendships are developed among swimmers and their families on the team. Equally as important, swimming is a lifetime activity that promotes superb physical conditioning.   The goal-oriented and progressive approach of the sport provides athletes with a foundation to be successful inside and outside of the pool.  As the age and ability of the swimmer goes up, so does the commitment.  The gradual nature of this transition through their years of competitive swimming allow all families to enjoy the sport.  

      Simply put - the more an athlete puts in to their sport, the more they'll get out of it.  Practice attendance is tracked by our coaching staff, however, there is no formal attendance policy.  A very large majority of our athletes participate in other sports, music groups, religious organizations, and other youth activities.  As such, there may be times during the year when practice attendance of the athlete may dip.  As the athlete progresses through the program and becomes older, they'll eventually begin to make certain activities a priority.  This is certainly the case for our Senior level athletes who have chosen swimming to be their main commitment.

New Parent Information for SWIM MEETS (click for the .pdf)



Read Below for insight on Communications, Equipment, Meet Entry Procedure, What to Bring to a Swim Meet, and What to expect at a Swim Meet.


Communication is a necessity for any club to be successful. The Liverpool Jets Swim Club has several avenues for communication between the members and the club:

Website - – This is our main hub – Each family has an account that gets them access to a private part of our website.  They have access to their own swimmer’s database of times, track monthly invoices, and sign-up for club events (swim meets, picnics, etc.).  

OnDeck Mobile App – Each family account is also tied to an app on mobile devices.  Your login and password are the same e-mail that you use for your website account.  Team Alias: nijets  

Family Folders - Each family will have a folder in the Family Folder box kept at the pool. All monthly schedules and all other notices will be sent home via the Family Folders.  (Family Folders are not available at this time.)

Text Alerts - Our website allows families to input cell phone numbers to receive text alerts on late breaking news such as practice cancellations.  Simply log in and head to "My Account" to register a cell phone number. This is ONLY used in an emergency.

E-Mail - All communications will be duplicated along the lines of e-mail.

Swimmer’s Equipment:

  1. Practice Suit - Nylon fabric holds up the best for practice. The suit should be racing style for best performance.

  2. Competition Suit - Lycra fabric provides the best fit. Suits should fit snuggly to prevent drag in the water that reduces speed. Swimmers are expected to purchase and wear the designated Jets team suit at all meets. Swimmers are not permitted to wear their team suits in practice! (The chlorine just eats them right up.)

  3. Goggles - Goggles should be worn at practice to help reduce eye irritation caused by chlorine.

  4. Swim Caps - Swim Caps keep longer hair from affecting the swimmer's performance. During competition, caps reduce drag and wearing the Jets team cap helps to distinguish our swimmers.  Practice caps ($3), Jets Latex Caps ($5), and Jets Silicon Caps ($12) are available at the pool for purchase.  Please see coach Zac.                

  5. Optional gear includes large towels, team warm-ups, and a sports bag for carrying all of this equipment to and from practices and meets.

    Information regarding the ordering of Jets team apparel will be distributed through the family folders. 

Meet Entry Procedure:

1.  Information sheets (meet information) will be posted on the bulletin board and copies made available through e-mail and on the "EVENTS" section of the website.  The information sheet contains the dates of the meet, events per swimmer, qualification times, schedule of events, and entry deadline, etc.

2.  The age of the swimmer for the meet is his/her age on the first day of the meet.

3.  A swimmer must be a member of USA SWIMMING in order to compete in any USA SWIMMING competition.

4.  Use the online entry system for each meet by clickin on "Attend this Event".  All events that the swimmer is eligible for will be listed below.  Simply click on the events that they intend to swim.  After the sign-up deadline, the coaching staff will then review the selected events and complete the process, adjusting lists when necessary.  This is to ensure that all swimmers are receiving direct guidance from the coaching staff with their meet entries.

5.  A finalized entry report will be available on-line and often times a hard copy will be posted at the pool.


Meet Procedure:

First and Final Calls

       It is the responsibility of the swimmer to report to the clerk of course for seeding at first call. If the swimmer fails to report to the clerk of course by the final call, he/she will be scratched from that event.

Reporting for an Event

  1. A designated place is set up for the swimmer to report to the clerk of course. Upon reporting, the swimmer should stay in the designated area.

  2. Seeding of swimmers is done by the clerk of course in respect to the times entered by the swimmers for a particular event.

  3. The swimmer is given an entry card for that event to present to the timer behind the block in his/her designated lane. The card is given to the timer when the swimmer goes to the block for his/her heat.

  4. The heat is determined by the total number of competitors in an event from the slowest to the fastest times entered. Heats with swimmers of slower times precede those of faster times. There are no fewer than three (3) swimmers in a heat.

  5. Lane assignment is determined by the fastest to slowest swimmer per heat with the fastest swimmer given the center lane.


       Probably the most exciting events on meet days are the relays. The relays are fun for the swimmers and promote team spirit. Coaches select the relay participants from those registered for the meet. Selection is usually made on the basis of fastest times. At the meet, the coach will notify the swimmer if he/she is a member of a relay team.

What to Bring to a Swim Meet

  1. Parent(s) - their support both physically and morally is needed, especially for the younger swimmer.

  2. Team suit, team cap (if used), goggles, and towel(s), warm-ups.

  3. Sleeping bag or old blanket to rest on.

  4. Reading materials, quiet games, etc. to relax with between your events.

  5. Snacks and lots of liquids - fruits, carbohydrates, and non-carbonated drinks.

  6. Money - a small amount for food, programs, T-shirts, etc.

  7. PATIENCE - most swim meets take up around four hours a day.  This certainly offers a great opportunity for parents to slow down their busy world's and enjoy quality time with their families.

Why a swimmer is scratched from an event

  1. The swimmer fails to report at final call for a pre-entered event.

  2. The swimmer fails to be at the block in the heat assigned at the meet.

     3.  When a swimmer is ill and cannot swim in a meet, the COACH will scratch the swimmer from
          that day's events or from the entire meet. No refunds are made to a swimmer unable to

Disqualification (D.Q.)

  1. A swimmer will be disqualified by officials on the deck and will be notified by the officials of the reason for the disqualification.

  2. Officials who can disqualify a swimmer are the stroke and turn judges, the referee and the starter.

  3. A disqualification should always be viewed as a learning experience for the swimmer.

Leaving a Swim Meet    

  1. Make sure you have all of your belongings packed in your bag, especially your caps, goggles, and towels.

  2. Clean up the area in which you were sitting. Remember, you are a representative of the Liverpool Jets Swim Club.

  3.  And finally, make sure you check with your coach before you leave a swim meet. There is always a good chance that you may have been assigned to a relay team. If you are not around when it is time to swim the relay, the entire relay team is disqualified and cannot participate in the event.