Thank you for your interest in the 2019 Long Course Niagara LSC Zone Team.

Registration will open on June 16, 2019

All registrations (online registration and post-dated payment) must be submitted by Monday, July 22rd, 2019. 

Registration Procedures:

  • REGISTRATION means you WILL BE attending the EZ Zone meet if selected
  • We will select the team from the registrations submitted and approved online.  By registering, it is IMPLIED that you are committing to the team.  All athletes will travel with the team on Tuesday, August 6th and return with the team early morning Sunday, August 11th.  AGAIN, BY YOU Registering on the Niagara Zone Team Website  MEANS YOU ARE COMMITTING TO THE TEAM.  Do not register for the 2019 LC Zone Team if you do not intend on going.
  • Parents/Guardians must register their child. Coaches may not register their athletes.
  • If you register, are qualified/get selected and decide not to go Niagara will not refund your money
  • If you do not qualify/are not selected to the team, Niagara will refund your money
  • When you register online, immediately complete and send payment.  


Fee:  Checks payable to Niagara Swimming, Inc  (Canadian teammates, preferred payment is bank check in US Funds only)

Credit Card Payments may be made by clicking the button below - 

  Click here to go to the CC Payment Page


All Athletes:  $600 (includes transportation, hotel, meals, uniform, individual and relay event fees, and additional administrative costs)



 Click here to order a Niagara Zone Team Bag (CC Payment)