Non-Recruitment Form

Mandatory Non-Recruitment Form for All New Mercury Athletes


Mercury Coaches give their full attention to swimmers during all practices, meet warm-ups and competitions. Coaches are off limits while coaching the athletes in our various programs. Additionally, please ONLY CONTACT members of the coaching staff during their office hours (3pm-5pm and 8pm-10pm.) Monday-Sunday. (During team travel and competitions this rule will be temporarily suspended)

Our team relies on email to communicate with you. Please ensure that we have updated/correct, reliable email addresses for contacting your family. 

As a member of our club family, please anticipate 1-2 emails per week with important team news, billing information, schedule updates, meet entry procedures, etc...Please take the time to review emails from MERCURY SWIMMING and respond if requested. These will include notifications about practices and upcoming meets. In addition Mercury has a Facebook page for communication and sharing photos/videos which we hope you will join.

Our team is managed by a selected Board of Directors. As a family member of our club you will be expected to volunteer from time to time. Our organization depends on volunteers to create the best programming for our athletes. We appreciate and greatly value the time our volunteers donate to MERCURY SWIMMING. 

We believe that our coaches, team administrators and parent board provide a great service, therefore we expect that after joining our club your family will be responsible for all fees associated with MERCURY SWIMMING INC. and your payment will be made on time.