Pal-Mac Swim Club Lessons

Hello Summer Swim Lesson Participants.

We are excited to start another year of high-quality swim lessons here at Pal-Mac High School.  We are looking forward to meeting you and your child(ren).

Please take a moment to look over the Rules and Expectations along with FAQ's.

Pal-Mac Pool Rules:

1. We walk wherever we go.
2. The pool is not a bathroom - please do not treat it like the bathroom
3. Please, no food in the pool area
4. The lifeguards are in charge.
5. Be Courteous and Kind.
6. Clean up after yourself.
7. Only USCG Level III or Higher safety jackets/devices are permitted.  ABSOLUTELY no water wings.

Normal Pool Rules at EVERY pool:

1. No glass objects
2. No Diving in less than 9 feet of water
3. No Swimming without a lifeguard on duty
4. Anyone with known seizures and epilepsy should notify the lifeguard of possible issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What to expect on the first day of swimming lessons:

  1. Please arrive to the school 5-10 minutes early. 
  2. Please enter through the Athletic Doors and find a seat in the foyer just inside the doors. 
  3. You will be greated by the program director and the entire staff. 
  4. You will be sent into he pool area with your assigned teacher and you will be tested and placed into an appropriate skill-based class. If you believe that your child has been placed in the wrong class - please let the program director know.  Please do not approach the teacher during the class as they are responsible for the safety of not only your child but all of the other children in the class.
  5. Parents are welcome to stay and watch. Please be aware that many children struggle with the separation from their parent. If this is the case with your child - please leave the pool area.  We completely understand how difficult this can be but it almost always helps your child pay attention.  Your child will be safe.
  6. At the end of the lesson, your child will be either sent back to you or escorted by the teacher to an area where you can collect them.
  7. If you have questions or concerns - please approach the program director.
  8. If, after the first day, you are late to lessons - please find your way into the pool area to start your class.



Swim Lessons

Palmyra-Macedon Swimming offers a wide variety of swim lessons for swimmers of all ages. Our instructors are highly qualified and trained by our own staff using our teaching philosophy and lesson curriculum. At Palmyra-Macedon, your child comes first!

Please click on each of the tabs below to read what each category offers. When deciding which level to register your child within, carefully match your child's current skill level with the level description. For example, if your 4 year old can float on their back and swim on their tummy with their arms in front of them, they are ready for Level 2 - Beginners. If your child can only do 1 of those skills, they will need to register for Level 1 - Tadpoles.

Click the Pal-Mac Swim Club to send us an Email:>> Pal-Mac Swim Club << or your program coordinator to help guide you in selecting the appropriate level.

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