Our MISSION is to deliver an excellent program, applying the latest coaching techniques and promoting each swimmer's athletic and personal development. PACK is committed to ensuring a safe and supportive environment to all participants. We have comprehensive athletic protection policies and guidelines in place that adhere to the standards set by USA Swimming.


Team Philosophy

The PACK Swim Team, under the guidance of professional coaches, seeks to achieve excellence in swimming on a local and national level. Our purpose is the development of the total athlete in a positive, supportive environment through wholesome, achievable objectives. In order to achieve these goals, the PACK Swim Team:

  • Provides instruction in competitive swimming strokes and techniques. Emphasis is placed on developing the necessary endurance and physical strength to compete successfully.
  • Encourages the development of responsibility, independence, and confidence in each member. Swimmers are motivated to work to achieve their highest personal goals and to take satisfaction and pride in their achievements.
  • Provides the opportunity for swimmers to become friends with other children in the swimming community.

Our Philosophy of Competition

The following principles apply to all competitive situations:

  • Competition with oneself is emphasized. Individual improvement in time and/or skill is more important than placement in the field.
  • Consideration for fellow teammates, opponents, officials and parents is just as important as how you swim. Support for others, positive attitudes, and behavior, in addition to effort, is appreciated and expected.