Elvis....Is your name really Elivis?

The Skaneateles Lightning is a competitive swim program that competes in USAS sanctioned events. We have members who live throughout the Central New York and Syracuse area.  We welcome athletes at all levels, from beginner to elite swimmers, in a positive, supportive atmosphere.  We have the benefit of being a facility based program which allows us virtually unlimited pool, fitness center and gym time.  Being co-located with the Skaneateles Community Center, we can easily access existing programming to offer dryland, yoga and spinning to our athletes to augment their pool workouts.  We use all aspects of the facility to give our young athletes a well balanced approach to swimming. 

The pool is designed to accommodate a large competitive swim program, boasting Paddock gutters, track start blocks, and a Daktronics timing system.  The Competition pool temperature is kept at 79 degrees to promote a healthy training environment for our athletes.   The coaching staff is well-versed in the latest training techniques and is passionate about the continued success of their athletes.  Regardless of your ability, age or commitment level, there is always a place for you on the Skaneateles Lightning.  

If you are in the Central New York or Syracuse area and want to compete at your highest level, please come and give our program a try.