Thank you for your interest in the Titans. 

As a Titan you are not only a member of our team, but you are also recognized for your unique ability to be yourself.  No two people are the same and therefore no two swimmers are the same either! Coaches work with each individual swimmer for goal setting and progression status. Our team is focused on providing the absolute best and safest environment for the swimmers on the team.

Our team will not only help your child improve inside the pool, but we also believe that the lessons we teach will help them outside the pool as well. Integrity, patience, responsibility, respect, individual goal setting, and cooperation are just a few skills that are vital to swimming that carry onto everyday lives as well.

For additional information about our club, please review our 2022-2023 Handbook.

Our team Coach and Age Group Coordinator, Tim Bennett, is responsible for new member registration and evaluation.  


AS OF SEPTMEMBER, 2021:   Registration for new swimmers for our 2022/2023 season is NOW OPEN. Please click Join Our Team from our Home page and then choose Team Registration and register as a NEW JOIN. Prior to registrering, please make sure to thoroughly review our 2022-2023 Handbook (linked above) so you understand the background, basics, financial, and volunteering requirements for our club. 

Upon registration you will be contacted by our team Coach and Age Group Coordinator, Tim Bennett.  He will coordinate a date for your child's evaluation and provide you with specifics on the two-week trial that we offer to all new swimmers.  


If you have any questions about team evaluations or the trial period, please contact Tim Bennett at (716) 863-6933 OR via email: [email protected]

If you have any questions about membership fees or billing, please contact our team email: [email protected]