50 Years, 50 Titans: Sam Wakefield

Heather Scibetta

Our next spotlight is a former Titan that not only enjoyed a long swimming career, but also met some of the most important people in her life because of swimming: Samantha Wakefield. Back in 1995, Samantha McCarthy, now Samantha Wakefield, joined the Titans. Her long swim career started at the young age of 7 and continued throughout her college years.

Sam could always be found in the pool, even though her high school didn’t have a swim team. She played high school soccer for Nichols but always kept up with her Titans practices. Her hard work paid off; she went on to attend Kenyon College where she was part of their elite swim team. She competed in the 100 and 200 back as well as the 200 IM.

Sam is currently living in Ann Arbor, Michigan with her husband and twin one year old boys. When she is not chasing her twins around, she teaches high school history at an all-girls school. Prior to having her boys, Sam and her husband coached for their local swim club, Club Wolverine. She hopes to return to return to the pool decks soon.

Fun Facts about Sam:

- She met her husband on the swim team in college. 

- Her husband swam the 400 IM at NCAA’s their freshman year, right next to Titans’ alum, John Gellin. 

- She met Kristin (Forgione) Pucser her first day as a Titan, and to this day she is one of her oldest and best friends and was even her maid of honor (check out the picture from her wedding!)

Quick Q & A with Sam:

Q: When did you become a member of the Titan family?

A: I started swimming when I was 7, and first joined the Titans when I was 13. I swam for Titans from 1995 – 2001, and then on summer breaks from college through 2004.

Q: What is your favorite memory about being a Titan?

A: At some point, Scott and Tim drove vans and took us to a long course meet in Cleveland. That was the first meet I had “traveled” to without my parents, and I had a great time! (Check out our social media page for some pictures of this meet)

Q: What is your least favorite stroke or event?

A: Anything freestyle!

We love hearing from our long-distance Titan alum and how they continue to participate in swimming no matter where they may end up. If you swam with Sam let us know in the comments!

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