50 Years, 50 Titans: Ben Verdi

Heather Scibetta

We all know Coach Ben, but did you know he swam for Titans? Yes indeed! Our next spotlight is our own: Ben Verdi

Ben started swimming back when he went to St. Andrews and continued to swim in high school at St. Joseph Collegiate Institute. He attended Le Moyne College in Syracuse and swam all 4 years there in the Northeast 10 Conference in Division II.

Along with coaching for Titans, he also is the coach for SJCI as well and is currently Audience Services Manager at Irish Classical Theatre, running the box office and all ticketing processes.

Fun Facts about Coach Ben:

– He was captain of the swim team his senior year at SJCI.

- He swam under a minute in the 100 breaststroke for the first time during his senior year and it was his first time qualifying for State Championships. 

- At that same meet, he got his first buzz haircut, his dad was not thrilled with that!

Quick Q&A with Ben:

Q: When did you become a member of the Titan family?*

A: I joined Titans right after my first ever swim season with St. Andrew’s in the fall or winter of 2005 in Level 4 with Coach Tim.

Q: What is your favorite memory about being a Titan?*

A: Going to nationals my senior year in high school with Coach Scott at Purdue University. It was in 2012, so not only was it long course meters racing but it was my only time being on deck with professional swimmers and swimmers from different countries, vying for Olympic Trial spots for the London Games. It was the most intimidating and fun swim meet I’ve ever been to as an athlete.

Q: What is your least favorite stroke or event?

A: As an IM’er, I don’t necessarily hate any stroke but backstroke is the least enjoyable stroke for me.

Coach Ben is doing a tremendous job with our youngest Titans as our Level 1 and Level 2 coach. His enthusiasm for swimming and his ability to make practices and meets fun for all of his swimmers are a couple of the reasons why we couldn’t imagine our team without him!

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