BAAC LC Results

Scott Vanderzell

The Titans attended the BAAC Summer LC Spectacular Thursday July 29th through Sunday August 1st. The 4-day event was our last Long Course opportunity open to all swimmers this summer and we came ready to swim! Fantastic efforts were on display by the nearly 50 swimmers who represented the team! Twenty-eight NI championship cut times achieved, 78 new swims, an amazing 134 best times, and a few DQ’s to learn from. Fantastic efforts by all!

Thursday we had swimmers in the 200 Fly, 50 free, and the 1500 Free events. Meredith Roberts swam the 1500 for the first time breaking the 20-minute barrier in a super swim, Tommy Baxter went 2 for 2 with best times in the 200fly and 50 free, Aidan Hurley, Jayla Mercurio, Carter Gavigan, Maddy Scibetta, Amy Barry, Ryan Nebrich, and Atticus Hlubin all swam best times in the 50 meter free.

Friday we saw success in the pool in the 200 Back, 100 Free, and the 200 Breaststroke. Nathan Reimann, Anne Boscarino, Sean Labiak, Jayla Mercurio, Emma Cwiklinski, and Tommy Baxter all swam their 1st 200 LC Breast! Mandy Hill, Aidan Hurley, Natalia Ashworth, Jayla Mercurio, Sydney Yost, Charlie Lorenz, Brie Lorenz, Maddy Scibetta, Lucy Lyons, Amy Barry, Tommy Baxter, Ryan Nebrich, Harrison Sly, and Jackson James all swam best times in the 100 free. Atticus Hlubin, Avril Ashworth, Sydney Yost, Emma Cwiklinski, Kimberly Schmitt, Tommy Baxter, Sean Labiak, and Lucy Lyons swam first time or best times in the 200 breaststroke to finish the evening strong.

Saturday we had 2 sessions to continue the fast swimming. The 12 and under session was amazing! The 200 free saw Ellie Homish, Tessa Michalowski, and Khalil Voekler swim either for the first time or a best time! Congratulations to Rowan Riley, Kaitlyn Forpahl, Max Carter, Avril Ashworth, Tessa Michalowski, and Khalil Voekler for fantastic swims in the 50 Fly! Great swimming continued with Ellie Homish, Tessa Michalowski, Kaitlyn Forpahl, Rowan Riley, Avril Ashworth, Max Carter and Megan Hufnagel swimming first time or best times in the 50 Breast. The 100 free saw great new swims by James Lyons, Avril Ashworth, Ariyana Sanders, and Gretchen Cenczyk. We finished off the day with 2 phenomenal “Mixed” relays with Ellie Homish, Meg Hufnagel, Nate Reimann and Rowan Riley in 1 and James Lyons, Max Carter, Tessa Michalowski, and Gretchen Cenczyk in the other!

The afternoon session was just as impressive as the morning. The 13 and over swimmers for the Titans piled up more new swims, best times and amazing efforts. We started the session with a pair of mixed 200 Medley Relays that did not disappoint. Maddy Scibetta, Ava Pauly, Brady Garcia, and Jackson James swam a strong relay together while Tommy Baxter, Emma Cwiklinski, Harrison Sly, and Brie Lorenz pulled together a fantastic effort. The day continued with the 400 IM with 2 strong swims from Tommy Baxter and Emma Cwiklinski. The 100 Back saw Sean Labiak Brie Lorenz, and Tommy Baxter all swim to new personal best times. Finishing the day with the 200 free, Ava Pauly, Natalia Ashworth, Hanna Pauly, Sean Labiak, Emma Cwiklinski, Maddy Scibetta, Ryan Nebrich, Brie Lorenz, and Charlie Lorenz all either crushed their previous time or swam an impressive 1st time 200 Free.

Day 4 of the meet was “Last day…fast day!” The morning session was awesome! The 50 backstroke was amazing! First time swims by Khloe Kibby, Kaia Heelan, Sofia Burns, Avril Ashworth, Ariyana Sanders were amazing while Kaitlyn Forpahl and Rowan Riley destroyed their previous best times! The challenging 200 meter IM was a true test for all swimming the event. Tessa Michalwski, Ariyana Sanders, Kaitlyn Forpahl, and Josie Russom all swam first time or best time in the test of all 4 strokes! The 100 Back was an opportunity for several Titans to continue the demolition of best times. Sofia Burns, Max Carter, Avril Ashworth, and Tessa Michalowski all swam fantastic personal best times! The last individual event of the meet for the 12 and under swimmers was the “Splash-n-Dash” 50 meter free. This was amazing to see how fast these swimmers could get down that long pool! Kasey Heelan, Elllie Homish, Kaitlyn Forpahl, Ariyana Sanders, Tessa Michalowski, Avril Ashworth, Max Carted, Khloe Kibby, Josie Russom and Rowan Riley finished with personal best times! The final event of the meet was the “Mixed” 200 free relay and the Titans put together some gutsy swims to finish strong! Josie Russom, Nate Riemann, Meg Hufnagel, and Rowan Riley swam amazing together while Max Carter, Ellie Homish, Kaia & Kasey Heelan pitched in a tremendous effort to end the day!

The final afternoon session started bit late but that provided for a great warm up on the last day for the team. We saw fantastic efforts all afternoon. The swimmers were ready to race and started the meet off with 2 great 200 Free Relays comprised of Brady Garcia, Brie Lorenz, Maddy Scibetta, Harrison Sly and Charlie Lorenz, Emma Cwiklinski, Juliet Bewlay, and Ryan Nebrich. The 400 free was our second opportunity to shine and Delilah Winker, Juliet Bewlay, and Ryan Nebrich all hand personal best swims. The 100 fly saw Natalia Ashworth, Tommy Baxter, and Brady Garcia all swim to best times. The 200 IM was another event we saw tremendous efforts from all who swam with Sydney Yost, Sean Labiak, Natalia Ashworth, Charlie Lorenz, and Tommy Baxter all swimming personal best times! The final event for the Titans was the 100 Breast with Brady Garcia, Tommy Baxter, Brie Lorenz, Delilah Winker, Sean Labiak, Juliet Bewlay, Aiden Kloetzer all finished strong with new best times in the race!

This meet was a fantastic opportunity to swim Long Course at the end of our season, we all have much to be thankful for and appreciative of! Way to go Titans!