Holiday Meet Results

Scott Vanderzell

The Blizzard of 2022 came and went, and the Titans did their very best to weather the storm, pull together, and run the Holiday Swim Meet right after it! We relied on everyone’s flexibility and determination to combine 2 days of racing into one night! Special thanks to all who helped volunteering, our amazing Board of Directors that put in extra time and energy, our coaches who pitched in and did a great job getting the Titans ready to race on a very short practice week, and of course, our fantastic swimmers who did phenomenally in a tough situation. We understand some families were still in driving ban situations and we are glad all stayed safe!

Four Level 1 swimmers braved the storm and joined us for our holiday meet.  This meet helped show us all how hard our swimmers have been working along with what else we can work on! We had 8 new swims along with a best time from Valerie Mattison.  There were 11 swims total, with 5 of them being from superstar Evelyn Domagala! Laila Tomsic did a great job in her 50 free- going under a minute! Great Job to Paul Dablo as well for crushing his 50 freestyle. 

Level 2 also brought 4 swimmers and had a total of sixteen events! Every swimmer had at least one best time, and there were a total of 8! Amelia D’Avirro got over the 50 second hurtle in her 50 free with a new best time of 49.16.   Audrey Nudell dropped over 45 seconds total in her events- great job Audrey! Khloe Kibby swam six events with two best times in her 50 breastroke and 50 free.  Rosie Pashler went 50 for the first time in the 50 free and also tried out the 100 free! Awesome job girls and way to represent!

Level 3 had eight awesome swimmers ready and excited to race following the blizzard! There were a total of 9 best times and many other improvements to be proud of! Gabby Wild and Eva Sutherland impressively swam their first 200 free and absolutely crushed it! Derek Hufnagel saw two best times in his 50 back and 100 IM and Lexi Carter in her 50 free. Noah D’Avirro dropped two seconds in his 50 back and Michael Caccamise crushed it in his 50 free and 50 back. Evan Matesic and Josie Welsch also swam incredibly well and posted best times! Overall, the Holiday Meet went extremely well for level 3 and showed all their recent hard work!

Level 4 had Eight Super Swimmers at the meet. They were able to pile up 18 personal best times, 4 new events, 3 Niagara Championship cuts (NI), 14 Championship Qualifier Cuts (CQ), and 2 DQs to learn from! Nora Bronson had an amazing 5 best times. Vivienne Cabin crushed her 50 back by almost 6 seconds and added the 100 breaststroke to her resume as a Gold (NI) time. Matthew Cwiklinski added 2 more personal bests to our total. Madison Hayes had 3 best times and 2 new events conquered. Anthony Lizauckas had 3 strong swims but none more impressive than his 200 Breaststroke. Josie Lyons had 5 amazing swims dropping over 30 seconds in her 200 Free.  Lilah Pawelek had 3 great efforts adding a personal best in her 50 Free. Penelope Vester went 2 for 2 best times dropping nearly 12 seconds combined in her 50 free and 50 back. Everyone in Level 4 has something to be proud of and a bunch to learn from and apply to practice!

Their recent hard work and dedication at practice was seen by level 5 swimmers at the Holiday Meet. The 12 swimmers had a total of 33 best times, 8 Niagara Championship cuts (NI) and 16 Championship Qualifier cuts (CQ). Ariyana Sanders, Tessa Michalowki, Nora Pashler, and Ellie Homish dropped time in nearly every event they swam! HUGE time drops were also made by Gretchen Cencyk (34 seconds in the 100 fly) and James Lyons (27 seconds in the 200 free). Khalil Voelker claimed first in all four of her events while Lannen Pawelek took the spot in the 50 back. Megan Hufnagel also got first in the 50 back and Max Carter in both the 200 IM and 100 free. Brigid Connors dropped a total of 18 seconds across all her events and Kaitlyn Forphal dropped almost 6 seconds in her 200 free. We are extremely proud of the level 5 swimmers for such an amazing meet and their continual hard work at practice!

Level 6 was exceptional at this one! Nine Titans combined to get 23 Personal bests, 7 Niagara Championship cuts (NI), 15 Championship Qualifier Cuts (CQ), and 1 DQ to learn from! As we get older in this sport best times are the result of hard work and dedication, having to swim a meet on so few days of practice it was truly amazing to see such a fantastic set of results. The efforts put in by all in attendance is deserving of praise! Ryan Bronson swam 4 personal bests with an impressive 1st time swim and Gold (NI) cut in the 200 FLY! Andre Charlier joined us amid his High School season to throw together 5 personal bests with and another impressive 1st time swim and Gold (NI) cut in the 200 FLY! Olivia Leonard added 4 personal bests with an impressive final swim of the meet 100 Fly. Reese Marcyan added 5 strong efforts with a best time in the 200 IM. Lucy Nudell added 3 personal best times all NI Champs cuts. Amelia Pashler added 3 personal best times and a new 200 IM swim. Ella Pawelczyk also swam 5 strong races with 2 more personal bests to the list. Lucia Santiago had 4 solid efforts with 3 CQ cuts. Kylie Szaflarski swam 6 events in the one-day meet putting in great efforts to be right at her times in most with a best time in her 100 IM. We are proud of all the effort Level 6 put in at this one…. “It’s not what happens to you that truly matters, IT’S HOW YOU REACT THAT DOES!”

Level 7-8 swam exceptionally well coming off the snow days and not really knowing what to expect at this meet. Nate Reimann, Meredith Roberts and Harrison Roberts lead the the way with 4 personal best times with Rowan Riley, Paige Glor, Sean Labiak, Sydney Yost right behind them with 3 persaonl best. Emma Cwiklinski, Peyton Glor, Abby Szyprowski, Kim Schmitt,Juliana Haacker had 2 best times each. We are looking forward to the meets coming up over the next couple months.

Meet Results