Junior Senior Power Point Results

Scott Vanderzell

The Titans began the 2023 competition year with a trip down the 90 westbound to take part in the Niagara Jr/Sr Power Point Championship in Webster. Thirty-two fantastic Titans, from Levels 2 through 8 went with some great goals in mind for the weekend of swimming. This group had fun and swam fast all three days of the meet piling up over 100 personal best times, 85 Silver Championship cuts (CQ), 55 Gold Cuts (NI), a bunch of great relays, and a few DQ’s to learn from. Thanks to all who made the trip and did so well.

The 10 and under group had energy to spare and used a bunch of it in the pool to have some amazing swims! Jacqueline Adams had 3 personal bests and pitched in on 2 fantastic relays on Saturday. Nora Bronson put in an amazing effort in her 6 individual event and a fantastic Medley Relay lead off effort! Vivienne Cabin had a fantastic Sunday effort with 2 NI Champs cuts a NICQ Cut and won the 8 and under high point award at the meet! Alexis Carter had 4 great efforts in her individual events and pitched in on a relay Sunday morning! Emilia Dewey had 5 strong efforts on Sunday as well as finishing 3rd in high point scoring! Derek Hufnagel had 3 personal bests with his 50 free time achieving a Silver Cut! Khloe Kibby added 3 more personal bests to our team total with a huge 13 + second drop in the 100 back! Audrey Nudell swam 4 great races with an amazing 10 second drop in her 50 breaststroke! Khalil Voelker had 6 fantastic swims, all Gold times, pitched in on 3 relays, and won the 10 and under highpoint for the meet!

The 11-12 age group was well represented with 8 great Titans in attendance! Julia Cabin swam for the last time as a 12 and under and did fantastic with 3 amazing relay efforts and 6 fantastic individual events all at or better than her best! Maximus Carter took a break from his busy high School swimming schedule and crushed out nothing but Gold times and 5 personal bests! Matthew Cwiklinski added 5 Silver Cuts and a new swim in the 50 fly! Kaitlyn Forpahl  had great efforts in all her swims, 3 relays, saving the best for last with a super swim and personal best in the 500 Free!  Elizabeth Homish piled up 8 personal bests, 3 great relay efforts, and finished 3rd in the 11-year-old high point scoring! Megan Hufnagel could do no wrong swimming all personal best times and helped on all 3 of our relays! Elise Muffoletto has 6 personal best times, 3 super relay efforts and another huge drop of over 14 seconds in the 500 free! Lucy Nudell was amazing al weekend with 6 Gold times, 4 best times, great relays, and an astounding 41 second drop in the 500 free.

The 13 – 14 swimmers had 3 sessions of the meet to swim fast and have some fun! We saw great attitudes and amazing efforts all weekend! Natalia Ashworth post 2 personal best  and Anne Boscarino put in great efforts on Saturday in her 4 individual events and the 200 Medley Relay! Ryan Bronson did fantastic all weekend swimming Gold times in her 100 Breaststroke and 200 IM as well as helping out on all our relays! Emma Cwiklinski had 4 personal best time and continued to get stronger as the weekend went on, Brynn Muffoletto had a busy weekend with 8 individual swims, great relays and a nice 5 second drop in her 100 breaststroke! Nathan Reimann post 8 personal best time and is just off gold cuts in a few of them Rowan Riley have 6 persoanl best swims and showed a great race work throughout the weekend. Josephine Russom had 4 silver times, added 2 more personal bests to her list, and helped out on our relays!

15 and over swimmers sent 7 swimmers posting 27 personal best times. Leading the way was Peyton Glor with 9 personal best, Paige Glor had 5 pertsonal best, Brie Lorenz and Campbell Murphy had 4 each, and Ava Riehler and Ava Pauly had 3 each. The Level 7-8 swimmers were unrested for this weekend and were able to put together somes tremendous swims.

MEET Results