Training Equipment

Required: Fins, Kickboard, Pull Buoy, Equipment Bag

The mission of this group is to build fundamentally sound swimmers and equip swimmers with the knowledge to help them achieve their potential.  The primary emphasis in this group is improving/perfecting technique in all four strokes with an introduction to aerobic conditioning.


Training Goals:


Technique Goals

- Able to complete a legal 200 IM.

- Able to complete a legal 100 of each stroke.

- Able to execute a relay start.

- Able to perform advanced starts and turns.


Knowledge Goals

- Comes to see coach before and after every race at meets.

- Learns positive mental attitude.

- Knows best times.

- Able to effectively utilize pace clock and interval training.

- Understands building, descending.

- Knows the team Stroke Drill Progressions.

- Knows Safety Rules.


Stress Management

- Controls emotions at practices and at meets.

- Prioritizes school work, social activities and other commitments including swimming.

- Balances school, home, and extra curricular activities.

- Understands work versus reward relationship.

- Understands meet and practice performance.


Performance Goals:


Competition Goals

- Competes in ‘mini-meets’ and dual meets.

- Competes in several USA Swimming meet per season.

- Competes in the appropriate championship meet, either Championship Qualifier or the LSC Championships.

- Participates in athlete/coach communication and planning.

- Talks with coaches before and after swims.


Character Development:


Sportsmanship/Spirit Goals

- Respectful of meet officials.

- Understands lane etiquette.

- Congratulates teammates/competitors.

- Encourages teammates.

- Respectful of opponents and other teams.

- Demonstrates proper meet behavior.

- Makes friends with swimmers of other teams.


Social Skills

- Communicates with coaches.

- Listens to coach, doesn’t talk while coach is talking.

- Respectful of others space in practice.

- Participates in group and team events.

- Respectful of pools, locker rooms, team equipment and other swimmers’ property.

- Knows that splashing and touching others is inappropriate.


Team Commitment

- Wears team suit and cap at meets.

- Wears team t-shirt at meets.

- Cheers with and for teammates.

- Helps pick up pool deck.