Dear BAAC Members,

Welcome BAAC swimmers to the Fall-Winter Short Course 2021-2022 Season! It is hard to believe the challenges and changes we have gone through in the last year!  Looking over notes from a year ago till now, it has been an amazing accomplishment for this club. Thank you all for your involvement and support.

Looking back at this past summer, and completing my third year here in Buffalo, I can honestly smile and be proud of everything we have set out to accomplish and many of the areas we have exceeded beyond what we thought possible under the circumstances.  While we are not past COVID 19 and the many variants just yet, we are slowly moving toward some normalcy.  Though we have not been able to “measure” the success of the last short course season in this LSC, nor have a championship for our LSC’s Long Course season, our overall achievements have been captured in our recorded times at a National level.  We are looking to finish the Short Couse Year with rankings as follows:

  •  441st Nationally (1,555th last year)
  • 119th in the Zone (426th last year)
  • 5th in the LSC (25th last year). 

These rankings do not include our 10 and under age group as those are not tracked the same. The Long Course Season will end up:

  • 425th Nationally (696th last year)
  • 97th in the Zone (149th last year)
  • 3rd in the LSC (4th last year, although Long Course season really did not exist last year)

Our Short Course season saw many swimmers ranking in the top 10 in every event and age group in the LSC.  We also had five 10 and Under swimmers represent the LSC two weeks ago at the Zone Championships in Richmond, Virginia as well as four other swimmers from BAAC in the 11-14 age groups.  Having BAAC represent 9 of the 16 LSC swimmers in Zones is something we should be very proud of!

Looking ahead to beginning this Fall season, we have been met with yet more challenges, and continue to evolve and adapt for the athletes we support.  I look forward to starting with our groups this Friday, August 20th.  We will spend much of the first 10 days teaching and working on drills ahead of returning to the UB pool.

We have been busily planning for competition this coming Short course season, reviewing and planning options for our many members.  We want to have something for everyone to use.

Please give us your intentions through registration as soon as possible.  This helps us to make sure that our members have access to training in groups that can work efficiently, and coaches assigned to meet those needs. We have had swimmers evolve continuously over the last year.  Again, many of our swimmers have moved up a group or two over the last year, which is a credit to their work in the pool.   

As we start the Fall session, we will start evaluating many of our swimmers for group placement, working hard to get them on developmental tracks to meet their goals.  Goal setting will be a much earlier part of the season this year and we hope to have much of it done before school gets rolling into high gear, giving the swimmers a chance to engage more.  The one-on-one meetings went very well overall and we plan to continue those moving forward, but spread out during planned “meeting times” to schedule.

It will be important for the parent(s) and swimmer(s) to meet with our coaching staff to be sure that we all start on the same page / plan for development schedule those as soon as we can.  We know some of our athletes have busy schedules, so want to work together for their benefit. 

Looking forward to a great season! GO BAAC!


Coach Cutler