Buffalo Aquatics 

Safe Sport Policies

At Buffalo Aquatics, protecting our young athletes is all of our priority and responsibility, as coaches, volunteers, and parents. In order to create a positive experience and a safe environment for athletes, USA Swimming has developed a Safe Sport program. As a member of USA swimming and Niagara swimming, all Buffalo Aquatics coaches, members, and families are required to abide by these Policies and Rules, as well as our own team Policies and Procedures. 


Effective June 23, 2019 (and updated September 1, 2021), all BAAC members over the age of 18 are required to acknowledge and comply with USA Swimming's Minor Athlete Abuse Protection Policy (MAAPP) located   HERE

Q&A regarding the MAAPP Policy is located HERE


All Members are required to acknowlege BAAC Team Policies:


Athlete Code of Conduct Policy


Parent Code of Conduct Policy

                Permission for local travel


Anti-Bullying Policy


Team Travel Policy

                Permission to travel

                Permission for lodging

Locker Room Policy


Electronic Communications Policy


Photography Policy

               Photography Consent 




For additional information and resources regarading SafeSport, please review the following:

Safe Sport Best Practice

BAAC Parent Introduction to Safe Sport


For any questions or concerns including bullying behaviors or a potential violation of team policy, please contact Liz LaPorta, Buffalo Aquatics Safe Sport Chair.



Recommended USA Swimming Safe Sport Courses (FREE):

            1. Visit
          2. Enter your last name, first name and date of birth into the search parameters boxes. Click “Search”.
          3. Click “Continue” next to your name. (Note: you will need an email address for your swimmer or you can use a parent email address.)
          4. Click “Go to Learn”.
          5. Select “Courses” at the top.
          6. For athletes ages 12-18, click on the "Safe Sport for Athletes" course and complete the course using
              the prompts.
          7. For athletes over the age of 18, click on "Safe Sport Training for Adult Athletes" - this is REQUIRED for all athletes over the age of 18.


          1. Visit
          2. Select "Register" (unless you are a USA Swimming member, you can login.)
          3. Click “Create Account” in the Non-Member Access box. 

*NOTE: You must use a different email address than the one you use for the BAAC website.*

          4. Follow the prompts to register an account. (Our LSC is Niagara Swimming.)
          5. Click “Courses.”
          6. Find: "Parent’s Guide to Misconduct in Sport" (
fka "Safe Sport for Swim Parents") and select "Add to Cart".
          7. Click “Checkout”.
          8. Enter the requested billing address information and click “Order”. [Note: The course is FREE.]
          9. Click “Dashboard”.
         10. Select the Parent’s Guide to Misconduct in Sport course to start.
         11. Complete the course using the prompts.