Buffalo Aquatics



Buffalo Aquatics is a year-round, USA Swimming competitive team that offers professional coaching and technique instruction. Originally founded in 1960 as Amherst Swim Club (later renamed UB Amherst Swimming, Inc.) and doing-business-as Buffalo Area Aquatic Club (BAAC) since 2012, Buffalo Aquatics has a tradition of nearly 60 years of excellence, producing many of the area's premier swimmers and finishing amongst the top tier of all swim teams in USA Swimming's Virtual Club Championship. Athletes who have trained and competed with the club have achieved success at the regional, national, and collegiate level.  Under the leadership of our dedicated coaching staff and a passionate family of athletes and parents, Buffalo Aquatics is committed to setting the tone for excellence in Western New York swimming.

Buffalo Aquatics is part of the Niagara Swimming LSC and is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization run by an elected Board of Directors.

Club By-Laws (revised September 2019)

USA Swimming Diversity & Inclusion