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Annual Registration Fee:   $110 (Premier Membership) or $58 (Flex Membership) per swimmer includes applicable USA Swimming and Niagara Swimming registration, insurances, administrative fees, 2 t-shirts, 1 latex cap, bag tag, and banquet award and certificates.

Due at Initial Registration:  Registration fee plus dues for the first and last month (last month is only paid once with a continuous membership).  

Family Discounts:  A 5% dues discount is applied to the second swimmer and a 10% discount for any additional children. The family discount will be applied to the dues of the swimmer(s) in the lowest level practice group(s).  Registration fees, meet fees, merchandise costs or other expenses are not subject to discounts.

Full-Year Commitment: You are making a commitment to Buffalo Aquatics for a continuous membership. If you decide to leave Buffalo Aquatics (following the "Withdrawal from Buffalo Aquatics" policy above), any outstanding dues, meet entry fees, team support point balance and/or other fees owed to Buffalo Aquatics are due upon your termination with Buffalo Aquatics.  

Withdrawal from Buffalo Aquatics - The Board of Directors and Head Coach must receive notification from parent/guardian by the 15th of the month in order to suspend billing for the following cycle and apply last month's dues to the following month. Notification of withdrawal received after the 15th of the month does not suspend billing for the following cycle and the last month's dues are therefore applied to the month following the final billing cycle. If the swimmer quits the program or is unable to continue participation, the swimmer is obligated to pay the dues installment for the month of withdrawal and forfeits the last month dues collected at the time of registration. If you decide to rejoin the team at any time, you will be subject to paying the Registration fee ($110/$58) and first and last month's dues again.

For withdrawal of an account paid on the annual payment plan, the refund for unused months (following the "Withdrawal from Buffalo Aquatics" policy above) is calculated using the full monthly, non-discounted dues for each month of membership used and subtracted from the annual payment made.

If your swimmer becomes ill (surgery, breaks a bone, has a concussion, etc.) and is not able to participate in physical activities for an extended period of time, a freeze of your membership can be applied upon submitting a doctor’s note and with Board approval.  You will not be charged or penalized for the time your swimmer is recovering.

Payment Methods:   Our bookkeeping is done by volunteer parents.  Buffalo Aquatics strongly encourages all members to utilize ACH direct withdrawal from their checking accounts for monthly payments.  Direct payments substantially reduce the labor involved in monthly billing and improve the accuracy and security of transactions. ACH direct withdrawal is our preferred method as it also allows more of our member's dues to stay with the club, however, debit/credit card payments are accepted as well. Checks are only allowed if received by the 28th of each month.

Billing:   The billing system sends invoice emails on the 21st of each month, and all payments are processed on the first day of every month using your team membership account.  If meet fees or other charges (merchandise, social events) are applied to your account between the 22nd and the end of the month, your billed amount may be different than the amount on the emailed invoice.  Access your account anytime via the website.  Select “My Account” on the left and view your current charges.

Meet Fees:   Swimmers pay entry fees to participate in swim meets. These fees are billed to the swimmer’s account on the next month’s invoice.   Meet Fees are set by the host team as listed on the Meet Announcement document, which is attached to the meet information on our website. Fees are usually a Deck Fee (flat amount) plus an Individual Entry Fee for each race entered. Buffalo Aquatics attaches a $2 coaching fee per individual event. Buffalo Aquatics does not charge swimmers for relay events. 

Swimmers indicate their intent to participate in each swim meet via the website.  After the posted registration deadline, that commitment is locked in and entries are not able to be changed or deleted. Buffalo Aquatics pays the host team for all of our entries at the registration deadline. The coaching staff is scheduled based on the number of swimmers entered in the meet.  Meet fees are non-refundable after the registration deadline.  

Late Fees:   All accounts must have an ACH or debit/credit card set up as a payment method. ACH or debit/credit card payment methods on your account are charged on the 1st business day of the month the invoice. 

If you would like your invoice to be paid using a check, payment made by check must be postmarked by the 25th of the month before the invoice is due or received in the drop box at the pool by the 28th of the month before the invoice is due. If payment by check is not received by the dates referenced above, the ACH or debit/credit card payment method set up on your account will be charged on the 1st of the month. If you choose to send a check as the payment method, you must still set up an ACH or debit/credit card as a payment method as a backup.

Any balances not paid by the 15th of the month the invoice was due (caused by ACH or debit/credit card failure) may incur a $25 late fee. Should your ACH or debit/credit card reject the charges, you may be subject to the late fee and/or rejection fees. Returned check fees will be applied to your account if incurred by Buffalo Aquatics.

Delinquent Account Policy:   Swimmers will not be allowed to participate in practices or swim meets until all delinquent accounts are resolved (including team support points).

Team Support Program:   Each family will be assessed a number of team support points to earn, based on their swimmer's training group level. Ample opportunities will be provided throughout the season to earn those points through volunteering, donating, referring a new member, fundraising, etc.   Further details on the team support program can be found on the website, Team Support tab. Points may be bought out at $5 per point at any time.  If you have not earned two-thirds of your points by May 1st, your account will be charged $5 per point for those points.  Your family's full commitment of points must be earned by August 15th or your account will be charged your remaining points at $5 per point.  If you choose to leave the team prior to a full year commitment, the number of points you must earn or buy out will be prorated to the time with the team and will be charged to your account.  If you earn more points than your family is required, you may not share points with another family.

Buffalo Aquatics ~ 2018-19 DUES (Monthly)

Novice $70
Bronze $90
Silver $110
Gold $130
Senior $150

Buffalo Aquatics ~ 2018-19 DUES (Annual)

Novice $798
Bronze $1026
Silver $1254
Gold $1482
Senior $1710


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