2021-22 Buffalo Aquatics Sponsorship Opportunities   

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Buffalo Aquatics is a year-round competitive swim team and a member of the Niagara Swimming Local Swimming Committee. Originally founded in the 1960s as the Amherst Swim Club, Buffalo Aquatics has helped produce many of the area's premier swimmers. The team draws youth from all corners of the greater Buffalo region, from Orchard Park to Medina. 

Athletes who have trained and competed with Buffalo Aquatics have achieved success at the regional, national and international levels. Buffalo Aquatics has finished as the top small team for the past six Niagara Championship Meets, and in June 2016 sent a swimmer to Olympic Trials. Buffalo Aquatics is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

What are the benefits of belonging to a swim team? 

  • It fosters teamwork and a sense of camaraderie.
  • It builds self-confidence.
  • It encourages team members to set personal goals. 
  • It is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise that requires tremendous effort and discipline 
  • It is a sport that has no lifespan. 
  • Swimmers experience fewer injuries than participants in other team sports.

Why become a sponsor of Buffalo Aquatics? 

  • To demonstrate to the community that your business values health and wellness. 
  • To make an investment in the future of our youth. 
  • To promote your business to local families. 
  • All contributions are tax deductible.