Senior Groups

Training Equipment

Required: Short Fins, Inner Tube (can be purchased from head coach), FINIS Snorkel, FINIS Alignment Kickboard (optional), Pull Buoy, STROKEMAKER Paddles, Equipment Bag, Tempo Trainer


This group is the primary training group. The mission of this group is to build fundamentally sound swimmers and equip swimmers with the knowledge to help them achieve their potential.  The primary emphasis in this group is to improve/perfect technique in all four strokes while expanding their aerobic conditioning.

Training Goals:

Technique Goals

- Able to complete a legal 400 IM.

- Able to complete a legal 200 of each stroke.

- Understands training cycles.

- Understands relationships between distance per stroke, stroke rate and swimming speed.

- Able to maintain stroke rate and times in training sets.

- Understands splits, building, descending, DPS, pace and negative splitting.

Knowledge Goals

- Sets short term and long term goals.

- Understands race strategy and proper race prep and warm down.

- Understands and can use relaxation and visualization.

- Understands and can explain season plan.

- Understands relationship between personal commitment level and results.

- Can explain aerobic and anaerobic training.

- Sets practice goals, season and yearly goals.

- Knows the team Stroke Drill Progressions.

- Knows Safety Rules.

Education Goals:

Nutrition Goals

- Water bottles at practices and at meets.

- Eats healthy snacks.

- Demonstrates proper pre-meet meals.

- Understands and plans a healthy diet.

Time Management

- Informs coach prior to practice start time of absence and reason.

Stress Management

- Prioritizes school work, social activities, and other commitments including swimming.

- Understands meet and practice performance.

- Balances school, home, and extra curricular activities.

- Understands work versus reward relationship.

Performance Goals:

Training Goals

- Challenges themselves on test sets.

- Accepts new and challenging dryland and water training.

- Able to apply technique suggestions/recommendations to training.

Competition Goals

- Competes in most scheduled USA Swimming meets per season.

- Competes in the appropriate championship meet, either Championship Qualifier, the LSC Championships, or Sectional Championships.

- Competes in Zone and travel qualifying meets.

Character Development:

Sportsmanship/Spirit Goals

- Congratulates teammates/competitors.

- Encourages teammates.

- Demonstrates proper meet behavior.

- Demonstrates leadership skills.

- Respectful of meet officials.

Social Skills

- Initiates communication with coaches.

- Understands and takes responsibility for attendance, performance and practice habits and how to relate these three to meet performance.

- Positive leadership behavior.

- Respectful of pools, locker rooms, team equipment and other swimmers’ property.

- Understand the relationship between critiquing and criticism from coaches.

Team Commitment

- Attends group and team activities.

- Wears team t-shirt at meets.

- Cheers with and for teammates.

- Helps pick up pool deck.

- Positive role model for team and for the sport