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Welcome to the Buffalo Area Aquatics Swim Club!

The Buffalo Area Aquatics Club (BAAC) is one of the premier competitive swim clubs in Western New York and was formed in the early 1960s as one of the first USA Swimming Clubs in Buffalo (originally founded as the Amherst Swim Club or UBAM.) Over the years, BAAC has consistently developed swimmers of all levels from youth just learning the sport to collegiate athletes now competing in Division I to Division III colleges across the country.

In 2018, we were fortunate to recruit our Head Coach, Mike Cutler, from Grand Rapids, Michigan to the Buffalo area. Mike was the former General Chair of Michigan Swimming and has over 25 years of Head Coaching experience in high school, USA Swimming clubs and national instructional programs. Mike also coached Liam Smith in Rockford, Michigan who is currently on the USA National Paralympic Team and holds 11 American Records. In just one year under Coach Cutler, our team advanced from Level 2 to Level 3 USA Swimming Club Recognition, broke 3 club records in the short course season, 3 club records in the long course season and sent swimmers to Speedo Short Course Sectionals and Eastern Zone Age Group Short Course Championships.

Through our long standing partnership with the University of Buffalo, we are proud to call Alumni Arena our home pool giving our swimmers access to train in a Division I facility with 16 short course lanes and 8 long course lanes available year round. Combining our smaller training groups with the Alumni Arena facility, our swimmers receive individual attention from coaches without crowded lanes. We look forward to introducing you to our program.


Membership Options

Following a free, two-week trial period with the club, swimmers will join one of the following groups based on their ability as selected by the coaching staff:

  • Novice/Recreational:  Designed for first time swimmers of all ages who need to learn the mechanics of a legal stroke and learn the basics of swimming competition
  • Bronze: Swimmers with legal stroke in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly who are ready to compete in USA swimming events
  • Silver: Introduction to training concepts and ready for advanced events in meets
  • Gold: Advanced training levels and pace requirements
  • Senior: High school level competitive swimmers

Dues Structure

Effective with the 2021-2022 season beginning September 1st, 2021, BAAC is offering the following options for payment of dues:

  • Annual Dues: Members who sign-up for the year round program will receive a 10% discount on the annual fee. This is a year round commitment to the program. No refund will be provided if a swimmer withdraws during the season unless noted in the Exceptions below.
  • Seasonal Dues (3 Installments):
    • Short Course Season, September 1-March 31: Two thirds of the annual fee with two payments due on September 1 and December 1
    • Long Course Season, April 1-August 31: One third of the annual fee with payment due on April 1
    • This is a seasonal commitment to the program for the entire Short Course and/or Long Course session.  No refund will be provided if a swimmer withdraws at any time during the season committed except as noted in the Exceptions below.
  • Monthly Dues
    • Short Course Season, September 1-March 31
    • Long Course Season, April 1-August 31
    • This is a seasonal commitment to the program for the entire Short Course and/or Long Course session. No refund will be provided if a swimmer withdraws at any time during the season committed except as noted in the Exceptions below.
  • USA Swimming/BAAC Registration Requirement:
    • All swimmers joining BAAC will be required to purchase a USA Swimming membership for the year as follows:
      • Premium Member: $110 – includes BAAC registration (t-shirt, swim cap, bag tag and more) and provides USA Swimming and Niagara Swimming registration, insurance for swim practice and ability to compete in USA Swimming sanctioned swim meets
      • Flex Member: $50 – same as Premium Member but swim meets are limited to (2) per year. Flex membership may be upgraded to Premium at any time during the year. Please note this is only recommended for Novice or first time swimmers and is not permitted for anyone 18 years or older.
      • Either membership is due at the time of registration
  • Exceptions:
    • First Time USA Swimmers:  Any swimmer who joins the club as a first time swimmer who has never registered with USA Swimming before or competed with another team may leave the program any time in the first year with written notice prior to the 15th of the month to the Board of Directors.
    • Medical Leave, Temporary Leave of Absence or Moving: Exceptions to the payment policy will be considered by the Board of Directors with written notice due to a medical leave, temporary relocation, moving or other special circumstances.


  • Membership Dues by Training Group:

  • Family discounts are available for siblings as follows:
    • 25% for the 2nd swimmer
    • 40% for the 3rd swimmer
    • Free for swimmers 4+
    • Highest discount applied to the lowest training group(s)
  • Payment methods accepted are ACH and credit card. Credit card payments require a 3.0% convenience fee to cover processing fees. Check payments are only permitted at the time of registration if the annual payment is selected. Regardless of payment method used, all members are required to have a debit or credit card on file as a backup payment method and will be required for registration.
  • Meet Fees: Members pay entry fees to participate in swim meets. These fees are billed to the member account immediately following a swim meet and are payable the following month. Meet fees vary depending on the host team but include a swimmer surcharge or deck fee (typically $5-10) and an individual entry fee per event (typically $5-7 each). BAAC will add an additional $2 coaching fee per individual event to cover coaching salary and expenses for the meet. BAAC does not charge swimmers for relay events.
  • Billing: Depending on the payment option selected during registration, annual membership dues will be billed on September 1st. Seasonal membership dues will be billed on September 1st, December 1st and April 1st. Members will be notified of invoices due four to five days prior to the end of the month. This billing notice will include the amount due for the invoice to be processed on the 1st of the month. Members should expect monthly fees to include meet fees and other optional items such as merchandise and social events. Any fees not paid within 15 days of the payment date are subject to a late fee of $25 and the member may be restricted from practice or swim meets until resolved.

Volunteer Support:

BAAC is a non-profit organization that requires the volunteer support of our parents. Each family will be assessed a number of team support points to earn, based on their swimmer’s training group level. Ample opportunities will be provided throughout the season to earn those points through volunteering at BAAC hosted swim meets (required), donations, member referrals, fundraising, etc.


For additional information or to schedule a free two-week trial, please contact our Membership Chair or Head Coach as follows:

[email protected]

[email protected]



Revised 8/17/21