Starting September 1, 2022 all USA Swimming (USA-S) member registrations and renewals will be completed online, with payment collected at that time by USA Swimming. The resources on the links below are designed to help members navigate the new registration flow.

USA Swimming Registration is a requirement for membership. This does NOT apply to trial swimmers.


Updated 10/9/2022

Click HERE for a 1 page summary.

  • Creating a parent login account.
  • Creating coach / other non-athlete member login accounts.
  • Registering your swimmer(s) with USA Swimming.
  • Registering non-athlete members with USA Swimming. (Please reach out to us for the link.)
  • If you prefer screenshots, refer to the directions below.
  • Returning swimmers' member ID's are now updated in your swimmer's member account in Team Unify and OnDeck.
  • Please reach out if you have any issues.
  • USA Swimming registration link for New swimmers may also be found by logging into the website, clicking on "My Account," "Members," the name of your swimmer, the USAS Registration sub-menu. (Not Registered will display for New Swimmers.) Note that this is available in On Deck as well.

Updated 9/3/2022

Thanks for all the questions! Directions for creating accounts have been updated in this section based on questions from parents. We will continue to update as processes become better defined.

Parents who have never been registered with USA Swimming as well those who are current or former registered members of USA Swimming, will all create new login accounts for themselves. There are different directions depending on whether a parent has never personally been registered with USA Swimming (#1 below) or is a current/former USA Swimming registered coach, official, meet director, swimmer over 18 years of age (#2 below).

  • These individual accounts will contain history pertaining to that specific account (not their swimmers).
  • These accounts may then be used to register the individual (if a coach, official, other non-athlete member) as well as swimmers.
  • The accounts may then also be linked to family members.
  • Please do this step BEFORE registering any of your swimmers with USA Swimming.
  • Note that both parents in a family may create their own accounts and after that, link to their family members.


  1. Parents who have NEVER been registered members of USA Swimming -
    (i.e. never personally registered as a swimmer, coach, official, meet director, etc)
    Click HERE

  2. Parents or Other Adults who are Current or Former registered members of USA Swimming -
    (i.e. those who are current or former USA Swimming coaches, officials, meet directors, swimmers over 18 years old)
    Click HERE



  • We wil provide a link to register swimmers and non-athlete members with USA Swimming.
  • Directions after you receive the link may be found HERE.
  • Thank you for your patience as this process is updated.


USA Swimming Resources (help documents and short videos) are linked on the login screen to the member hub:


Other Changes with USA Swimming's SWIMS 3.0 implementation:

  • "Deck Pass" is no longer available. A new app for USA Swimming is now available.
  • Update of USA Swimming ID's to a unique value which excludes personal information.
  • New login process to USA Swimming's portal, including logins for parents, with the ability to link to children's accounts.
  • Enhanced club portal views for coaches and administrators.
  • Migration of swimmers' historical times to the new database.
  • Integration of learning programs, including Safe Sport requirements for athlete and non-athlete members based on their member types.
  • And more .... 


Any questions, please contact us.