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BlueFins Diving Registration


Welcome to the Webster BlueFins Electronic Registration platform! We are pleased to offer registration for our diving program. For more information about the club and programs, see our diving club page.


The Webster BlueFins diving program is designed for divers of any ability level for ages 9 and up. Classes include Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Diving, and may vary throughout the year. Registrations are offered on a regular basis and will open when dates are finalized for each session.

Requirements due to COVID-19:
See links on our 
Diving Page for procedures and Health Check Form.

  • BlueFins Participation Waiver - requires acknowledgement and electronic signature during registration.
  • Health Check Form - requires completion and submission EACH day the diver attends.

Current offerings are open for sign-up when displayed below.

2021 Spring Season registration is open from 2/22/21 - 3/5/2021. Classes start the week of March 1st.

       A current AAU registration is required and affiliation with BlueFins Diving - AAU Club code WYD75A - prior to registering for a BlueFins diving program. 


For information about the diving program, please contact Coach Ron at [email protected].