Volunteer Opportunities
The Webster Swim Association, a non-profit organization is directed and managed by parent volunteers. Only our coaches receive a salary, however; we nevertheless incur significant expenses, primarily pool rental. In an effort to keep membership fees as low as possible, families participate in several activities that generate income for the team. These requirements are outlined in your Volunteer Agreement. Additional volunteering opportunities exist beyond those listed on the Member Agreement; however, only assisting with the Niagara District Championship meet and those meets and activities generating income for the team fulfill the obligations. Unlike most other youth sports, swimming provides an opportunity for families to participate in various aspects of the sport with your child. We encourage parents to try a variety of meet and teem management related jobs; find your niche ~~~~and have fun!

Who can volunteer?
Parents are not alone in their ability to fulfill family volunteer obligations. Swimmers and siblings are encouraged to participate in many of the jobs required to run meets. Due to Department of Health regulations, children under the age of 14 cannot touch food or handle money in Concessions. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to be a lane timer, but can assist a parent timing. Other jobs are available for younger children such as being a runner and posting results.

Volunteering at Junior Meets and Senior Meets
Junior and Senior meets are held 4 times per season. Swimmers do not pay fees to participate in these meets, so host teams do not generate income for these events. Volunteers are needed to run the timing system, computer system, officiate and time. While volunteering at these meets is important and can be more satisfying than sitting in the stands, it does not fulfill the obligations of the member agreement. Swimmers with families in the meet should expect to assist with lane timing as needed.

Volunteering at Invitationals 
Invitational Meets are sanctioned events to compete for official times; they are also income sources for host teams. Swimmers pay participation fees to the host team, and the host team provides all of the volunteers to run the meet. The host team retains any profits after expenses for these events. Volunteering at an Invitational Meet hosted by WSA (Pentathlon) counts toward your member obligation. Parents are not required or expected to volunteer for Invitational Meets hosted by other teams.

LSC Meets
LSC meets are sponsored by the Niagara LSC and hosted by area teams or team combinations. Swimmers pay fees to the host team to participate, and the host team provides most of the volunteers to run the meet, and retains any profits after expenses for these events. Volunteering at a Niagara LSC Meet hosted by WSA counts toward your member obligation. Parents of participating swimmers may also be asked to volunteer as lane timers for LSC Meets hosted by other teams. Lane timing at a Niagara LSC Meet hosted by another team does not count toward your WSA member obligation.

Board of Directors and Committee Positions
Participating on the Board of Directors and/or committee positions provides opportunities to contribute to the overall functioning of the team. While this level of volunteering is encouraged and may be solicited, it is not a member requirement, nor does it completely satisfy the WSA member obligation.

Volunteering at Concessions
All concessions sales in the Webster School District are now managed by Webster Athletic Booster Organization (WABO.) Teams are no longer able to retain profits from food and snack sales. WABO does pay a flat fee per session to teams manning the concessions stand. WSA is the only non-school team that is allowed to man concessions and generate income for the team. In planning both the budget and the volunteer opportunities, the priority is to man the concessions booth at all of the WSA sponsored meets (junior and invitational) and for some or all of the District meets such as the Genesee Valley Championships. WSA does not routinely man concessions during meets sponsored by other teams. However, WABO does allow other Webster teams (such as football or cheerleading) to send volunteers to man the booth. If a parent is volunteering to work in the concessions stand while a child is competing, we will make an effort to staff concessions so that parents will not miss their child’s event. Swimmers working in the concession stand are encouraged to schedule sessions when they are not competing.

Volunteering as an Official
Swimming Officials are trained for specific positions required in sanctioned meets. This training is available several times each season. Officials include: Referee, Stroke and/or Turn Judges and Starters. All meets require Officials, making this an invaluable volunteer position. Officials often volunteer to work at meets in which their children are participating, allowing for a pool-side view of all meet activities. Officiating at Invitational and District does help to satisfy the requirements. To see more on how to become an official - visit Niagara LSC page.

Non-Board Volunteer Positions
variety of positions are available. Please let us know if you have a specific interest!

Questions about volunteering - please submit them to the Volunteer Committee via email
Any other questions - see WHO TO CONTACT page.