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We are excited to announce that the BlueFins website has been upgraded to TU’s new CMS (Content Management System). This upgraded CMS features a mobile-friendly design, a more flexible website editing interface, enhanced search engine optimization capabilities, and improved business tools.

Website Navigation
Click above link to find out more front and back office views.

Members may interact in a seamless way from any device now with dynamic size adjustments.

Advanced Website Editing
The additional tools available now on the back end will help our skilled webmasters build with more flexibility.

Search Engine Optimization
The new CSM is reported to include faster site speed and page loading, and enhanced pager hierarchy design.

Enhanced Business Tools
Components of TU club websites have been updated to provide more variety in placement and customization.

What to expect:

  • Professional design and seamless transition.
  • Same menus, navigate to more common pages from home page.
  • Some changes in how TU directs members to access account and swimmer information.
  • Deck Pass integration.

Basic parts of the new CMS:

  1. Public facing page which requires no login, but will display additional information after logging in.
  2. Back Office, which provides additional pages as well as same swimer functionality for accounts and members as the legacy website.

Our webmaster team has worked hard to transition the site in time for the new season, and additional refinements will continue. We are grateful for their time and talents!

To get a better idea of the back office member tools and how they compare with the legacy website, click on below link to access TU’s article. 

Comparison of old menus vs new menus

Updated Website