*Families Allowed to Sit in the Stands during Practices at the WAC beginning 9/20/21

Operations WSA Bluefins

Effective Monday September 20th, families will be able to sit in the stands during practices at the Webster Aquatic Center.

Please note the following important conditions:

  • All individuals are required to be properly masked 100% of the time in the facility, even when sitting socially distant from others and regardless of how far away.
  • Entry to the facility will only be allowed during swimmer check-in windows. Parents are not to open doors for others once the check-in window has closed.
  • Social distancing is expected at all times.

Proper mask usage in the stands will be monitored and enforced. Warnings will not be given. Failure to follow the rules will result in loss of access to the facility for both you and all swimmers in your family. See email sent to families on 9/19 for details.

To avoid congestion in the lobby at the end of practice, we are asking parents to leave the facility and wait outside for their swimmer away from the doors.

No other COVID related procedures are being changed with the result of this announcement. All other practice participation requirements are still in effect.The website will be updated to reflect this announcement as time allows.

This announcement does not apply to meets.