Webster Swim Association Trial Swim Program Winter 2020-21 Session

Registration opens Feb 1
Questions? Contact the Registrar


---   Future BlueFins (new to competitive swimming) --- 

Thank you for your interest in the Webster BlueFins Trial Swim Program!

**Our 2021 Winter Trial Swim program will be limited to swimmers who are 12 years old and under (before 8/31/2021). We will re-evaluate our ability to add 13&O swimmers once the HS boys return to practice and attendance numbers stabilize. **

Please note that due to the COVID pandemic, special procedures are required to maintain a safe environment.

Procedural details and required documents, along with a virtual meeting time to introduce the program and answer questions, will be posted closer to the Trial start date.  Note special procedure for Day 1 -February 27th.

Google Meetings

Google Meetings prior to the Trial Swim program will introduce parents to the BlueFins and the Trial Swim process will be held. Select the day most convenient for you. Meeting link will be emailed before the meetings to each registered trial swim family.

  • TBD



Athlete Health Check Form 
required each day swimmer attends

Practice Procedures
Please read!


Trial Swim logistics for the Feb-Mar 2021 Session: 

Day 1: Saturday, February 27, 2021
Time:  11 am-12 noon

  • This day will be a readiness day check only where the coaches will work 1:1 with swimmers to make sure they’re ready to attend the 2 week trial.
  • Swimmers will be organized into 4 sets of 15 minute time slots. These will be communicated / posted Friday night.
  • Families are asked to come 5 minutes before their time slot to check in and be ready.
  • Swimmers should come already in their swimsuits.
  • Athlete Health Check Form is required -- NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Check-in will be to the west side of the doors (left side) to WAC.
  • Social distancing and masks are required.
  • After the swimmers go in with the coaches, the families may move to the east side of the doors (right side) and wait. Social distancing and masks are required at all times.
  • Due to COVID, special procedures must be followed.

Coaches will come out and talk to the parents after the check out and let them know the results. After this, the family may leave.

If your swimmer cannot attend the first day of the trial practice, please let us know so we can best accommodate your family in welcoming you to the trial program.


Day 2: Monday, March 1st and subsequent days
Time: check the schedule below

Swimmers should come to practice already in their swimsuit prepared to start swimming immediately following check-in. They should bring their belongings on deck.


General Information: 
Please note that adjustments and additional details will be posted when they are finalized. 

  • Swimmers should come dressed in a swimsuit (one piece suit is preferable), and bring goggles and towel. Those with long hair should bring a cap (if they have one) or hair tie to keep hair out of their face. A limited number of BlueFins swim caps may be available for purchase the first night of the trial.
  • Arrival and check-in process will be communicated.
  • Locker Rooms may not be used due to COVID restrictions.
  • Attendance: Swimmers may attend as many days (Mon-Thurs) as they wish during the two week trial period. The schedule is listed below as well as on our website calendar.
  • Questions: A BlueFin representative will be available to answer questions during the 2 week trial! Please talk to them. Ask ANY questions you have big or small. We also may offer Open Forum Information sessions each week. Additional information will be forthcoming.
  • Ready to register: After (or during) the two week trial, a coach will assist in group placement if the family chooses to register their swimmer(s) for the BlueFins Competitive swim program. Their website account will be activated and the family may then complete online registration.

Trial Swim Schedule:  follows Bronze group schedule.

Week 1

Mon, 3/1

Tue, 3/2

Wed, 3/3

Thu, 3/4


6-7 PM

6-7 PM

6-7 PM

6-7 PM






Week 2

Mon, 3/8

Tue, 3/9

Wed, 3/10

Thu, 3/11


6-7 PM

6-7 PM

6-7 PM

6-7 PM

For currently registered USA or YMCA swimmers, please contact a club representative for other trial swim options outside of the designated sessions.