2022/2023 Team Policies

Our seasons are broken up in sessions.  This ensures consistency in our rosters through the course of the year. 

Fall Session September 6 - November 30
Winter Session December 1 - February 28
Spring Session March 1 - May 31
Summer Session June 1 - August 31

*Billing is on a monthly basis.  You will automatically be enrolled month to month and session to session, unless notified 7 days prior to the end of the month.

Practice Locations/Times (please check the weekly schedule tab for specific group times)

Woollett Aquatics Center- 4:30pm-8:30pm
Northwood High School - 5pm-9pm
Portola High School - 7:30pm-9:30pm
Great Park Neighborhoods - 6:30pm-8pm

School of Water Polo - $150/per month - 2x per week
10U coed - $175/per month
12U boys & girls - $200/per month
14u boys & girls - $200/per month 
16u/18u boys & girls - $200/per month 

*We offer a 25% sibling discount!  It is automatically adjusted when you register
*Billing is on the 1st of the month.  You are automatically rolled into the next session unless you choose to pause or withdraw.
*Late fees will not be waived, please be sure that your credit card is up to date

Tournaments are a seperate fee.  Upon RSVPing for an event you will pay your tournament fees upfront.  If your team does not attend the specific tournament for whatever reason and you have RSVP'd a credit will be placed to your account to either assist with monthly dues or the next tournament fee.  Fees range from $150-$1000 depending on travel expenses, accomodations etc.  

All billing will be invoiced through your account and will be itemized.  Billing is done on a monthly schedule.  On the 1st of every month your account will be charged.  Any fees you have incurred throughout the month will be charged, for example, monthly dues, tournament fees, apparel purchase, private lessons, etc...All accounts will have a credit card on file and use auto-pay.  This will automatically deduct from your credit card and you will be current.  Please monitor your account, if a card is declined you can incur late fees.  Please note, that there is a $25 late fee if you have not submitted payment by the 15th of the month.  Late fees will not be waived.  If payment is declined, athlete can not participate until balance is cleared, or with admin permission.

Each family will be responsible for volunteering for events that are hosted at Woollett.  These events provide important infrastructure for our program.  From balls, goals, storage, equipment, caps, and many other unnoticed expenses that go with running a program.  Each family will be responsible for volunteering for any event (at Woollett) that your athlete paticipates in.  If your athlete participates in a tournament and you can not or don't volunteer a $100 charge will be posted to your account.

We want to represent our program and our community in a positive and professional manner.  Part of that is being in team uniform.  The Required athlete apparel for games is:

Red Team Shirt (all athletes)
Black Team Shirt (all athletes)
White Team Shirt (Black (A) Team members)
Black Team Suit (all athletes)
Black Team Hooded Sweatshirt (Black (A) Team members)

Black Team Sweat Pants (Black (A) Team members)
Black Team Shorts (Black (A) Team members)
Team Backpack 
(Black (A) Team members)

Parents are urged to get team apparel and show support for the team!  
We have 2 stores:
Kap7 online store:  Suit, backpack, robe, parka, latex caps (girls or boys with long hair).   Orders usually take a 2 weeks.  
NIWPC online store:  Hooded, crew neck sweatshirts, tshirts, shorts, sweatpants 

All athletes who play polo or swim for NIWPC must sign up with USA Water Polo for insurance purposes.

This is mandatory for all athletes in our club in order to practice/play/participate with North Irvine Water Polo Club.

Important USA Water Polo Information


  • Membership breakdown PDF
  • Memberships are on a calendar-year basis, and expire on December 31. You can upgrade to 'Silver' or 'Gold' if you find out your child will be playing in any tournaments or games.

Sign up for USAWP Click here >

North Irvine Water Polo Club ID is 1834

We will not prorate monthly payments.  If you need to take the month off please see bleow.  

Accounts will be able to freeze (deactivate) or unfreeze (reactivate) through out the calendar year (September to August), this can only be done by our admins.  All freezes MUST BE Given to us (via email) no later than 7 days prior to the 1st of the following month.  Once the dues schedule, on the 1st, has gone through there will be no refunds.  Freeze fee is $25 per athlete (not per family).  To unfreeze, we will need to be notified 7 days prior to the month you choose to attend.  There is no charge to unfreeze.

North Irvine WPC will not be offering refunds in the case of a mandated shutdown.  Depending on the situation we may offer make up dates or a credit.  Here is the latest COVID Guidlines

We have 3 different tiers for our teams within our program:

A - Black Team
*Mostly competitive group and developmental
*11-18 players per session on the roster
*90%- 100% attendance. 
*Expected to attend all tournaments. 
*Must have all apparel.

B- Red Team 
*developmental, competitive
*15-18 players per session on roster
*80% - 100% attendance. 
*Expected to attend 80% of tournaments. 
*Must have apparel minimum. Red shirt, black shirt, Team suit.

C - White Team 
*developmental/new athlete

*15-18 players per session on roster
*Must have apparel minimum. Red shirt, black shirt, Team suit.

*If needed

*developmental,new athlete

*15-18 players per session on roster
*Must have apparel minimum. Red shirt, black shirt, Team suit.

E - School of WP
new athlete
*18 players per session on roster
*No apparel needed unless competiting

Coaches will have final decision on rosters for tournaments.  The team (Black, Red, White, Gold, School) you are assigned to will be the team you report to for all practices and games.  Age groups will be practicing at the same time but drills, intervals, etc... may differ.  At the conclusion of a session an athlete will be given the opportunity to move up a group if significant imporvement has been made.  Please note an athlete can also be asked to move down groups.

Playing time is not guaranteed.  Coaches we will access and make the best game time decision in order to recieve a favorable outcome. 
Our goal is to give equal playing time as often as possible, but we are also committed to winning games.  We are a competitive club.  We will have opportunities for our developmental athletes to get plenty of game experience.  Parents will not influence where players are placed.  Athletes will earn their spots.


​We don't normally cancel practice but on occasion we do need to follow protocol.  If there is thunder or lightning we will exit the pool IMMEDIATELY and wait 30 minutes from the last sound of thunder/lightning before getting in. Practice will still start and end at normal time. We must reset the 30 minutes to the last lightning or thunder sound.  We will practice when it is raining.  (again unless there is thunder or lightning). If the heater goes down, chlorine levels, etc, we will exit the pool and coaches will wait until everyone has been picked up or may do dryland activities for the remainder of practice

Holidays off MLK DAY, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, JULY 4th, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, New Years Eve and Day, Labor Day.  

All practice times are on the calendar.

Follow our Instagram.com/northirvinewaterpoloclub for our weekly schedule.