Programs & Age Groupings
The North Irvine Water Polo Club is typically divided into eight age/gender groupings.  Should there be insufficient interest/sign-ups to support a particular grouping, age or gender groupings may be combined. With the exception of our Introduction to Water Polo program, these age groups are aligned with age guidelines promulgated by USA Water Polo:

School of Water Polo:  This group is designed to teach the fundamentals to those who can swim but are new to water polo.  Consisting mostly of younger athletes, the School of Water Polo program focuses on more individualized attention with the aim of moving the athlete into their respective age group teams when they are ready.  It is strongly recommended that kids in this age group are simultaneously taking swim lessons to improve their swim skills.

10U Coed: This is our youngest team, for those who will be 10 years old or younger on August 1 of the next Junior Olympics (held in July). Our 10 and under group is expected to be able to swim proficiently for practice and be sufficiently emotionally/cognitively developed to pay attention and follow instructions. Both boys and girls practice and compete together in the 10 and under group. The U10 group practices approximately 4 days per week.

12U Boys & Girls Group: The 12U boys and 12U girls group practices 4 days per week.

14U Boys & Girls Group: The 14U boys & girls group practices approximately 8-10 hours a week.

High School Boys and High School Girls Groups: We are an open high school group team, meaning we except athletes from all high schools and each will have an opportunity to compete for the different teams we have available.


Date of Birth


August 1, 2012 or after                   10U
Between August 1, 2010 & August 1, 2012 12U
Between August 1, 2008 & August 1, 2010 14U
Before August 1, 2008 High School


2022-2023 Session Dates

Session Start Date End Date
Fall Session September 6, 2022 November 30, 2022
Winter Session December 1, 2022 February 28, 2023
Spring Session March 1, 2023 May 31, 2023
Summer Session June 1, 2023 End of JOs