Rules and Expectations for athletes

Here are some rules to remember to help us be the best teammates we can be.

1) Be at practice, on time and ready to go.

  • Come to practices!
  • Come early, so you are ready to go when practice starts.  
  • Athletes are in charge of packing and bringing all their own equipment.

2) Be kind and respectful.

  • To your coach - listen and follow directions.  Raise your hand if you have a question.
  • To your teammates - never kick, injure, or put down another athlete.  Any form of bullying will not be tolerated and can result in termination from club.
  • To the pool area - Leave it better than you found it.

3) Be safe and aware.

  • Don’t run in the pool area or anywhere on campus.
  • Parents - please walk your athlete between the pool area and the parking lot.  
  • Use a feet-first entry unless told to dive by your coach.  Never push someone into the water or hold someone under water.

4) Be a good athlete.

  • Work hard and always do your best.
  • Don’t correct other athletes, or worry about who is slower or faster than you.
  • Cheer on your teammates.
  • Have fun!

Rules and Expectations for parents

1) Please do not talk to coaches during practice times as safety and teaching is there top priority

2) Align your expectations with the level of your commitment.  If you athlete comes 1x per week you will not imporve as much as the athlete going 5x per week.

3) Check your account frequently 

4) Communicate if you are planning on taking time off, we will not refund for back prorates.

5) Attend tournaments in team apparel (tshirt, sweatshirt, etc)

6) Volunteer when needed


Practice Cancellations

We don't normally cancel practice but on occasion we do need to follow protocol.  

If there is thunder or lightning we will exit the pool IMMEDIATELY and wait 30 minutes from the last sound of thunder/lightning before getting in. Practice will still start and end at normal time. We must reset the 30 minutes to the last lightning or thunder sound.

We will practice when it is raining.  (again unless there is thunder or lightning)

If the heater goes down, chlorine levels, etc, we will exit the pool and coaches will wait until everyone has been picked up or may do dryland activities for the remainder of practice

Holidays off MLK DAY, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, JULY 4th, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, New Years Eve and Day, Labor Day.  

All practice times are on the calendar.

Follow our for immediate updates.


2020 Monthly Fees

Coed 10 and under & Splash Ball - $110/per month

12U boys & girls - $135/per month

14u boys & girls - $155/per month

16u/18u boys & girls - $165/per month

(Sibling discount)

Tournament Fees

May vary dependent on participation and entry fee usually $75-$150 


All billing will be invoiced through your account and will be itemized.  Billing is done on a monthly schedule.  On the first of every month your account will be charged.  Any fees you have incurred throughout the month will be charged, for example, monthly dues, tournament fees, apparel purchase, private lessons, etc...

All accounts will have a credit card on file and use auto-pay.  This will automatically deduct from your credit card and you will be current with no chance of late fees.  Monitor your account.  Please note, that there is a $25 late fee if you have not submitted payment by the 15th of the month.  


We want all of our athletes/parents to represent the team and get the minimum gear (Tshirt and Suit).  Parents are urged to also show support for the team!  Orders usually take a 2 weeks.


All athletes who play polo or swim for NIWPC must sign up with USA Water Polo for insurance purposes.

This is mandatory for all athletes in our club in order to practice/play/participate with North Irvine Water Polo Club.

Important USA Water Polo Information


  • The Bronze level membership is acceptable for practice participation. To participate in any JO qualifying tournaments and the JO tournament, athletes must have the Gold level membership.
  • Memberships are on a calendar-year basis, and expire on December 31. You can upgrade to 'Silver' or 'Gold' if you find out your child will be playing in any tournaments or games.

Sign up for USAWP Click here >

North Irvine Water Polo Club ID is 1834



North Irvine WPC will not be offering refunds in the case of a mandated shutdown.  Depending on the situation we may offer make up dates or a credit.  Here is the latest COVID Guidlines