Covid Testing for UTAH Salty Splash Tournament

North Irvine Water Polo Club
Hello families!
In preparation for the Salty Splash Tournament in Utah, each athlete must be tested for COVID-19 between  Oct. 29 and Nov.4
Shawn Stringham, the tournament coordinator, is recommending a PCR test rather than a rapid antigen test to be done.
The PCR test ( polymerase chain reaction) test is considered the gold standard of testing. It tests for genetic material of the virus.
The Antigen tests for the presence of proteins of the virus. This tends to have a more false negative rate.
There is currently no 100% accurate test. 
Where to get tested? Here are some options ( you do not need to use one of these clinics - it's just for your convenience). Please plan accordingly to allow yourself enough time to get the results prior to arriving in Utah.  Please note that many clinics (ie Hoag) will only test you if have symptoms of COVID-19. The clinics listed below have stated that they will test for travel and asymptomatic patients. 
Orange County Covid Cl inic
16300 Sand Canyon Ave, Irvine, CA 92618 ( Entrance off of Alton and Hoag Irvine.)
*NOT affiliated with Hoag Hospital
  • Drive through testing
  • Schedule an appointment for testing online between the hours of 8-11:30. 
  • Same day results guaranteed.
  • CASH ONLY (do not take insurance)
  • Currently only offer rapid antigen testing. Plan to offer PCR testing starting on November 2nd, also with same day results.
  • Rapid antigen test - $150, PCR test $350.
Orange County Great Park
In order to get tested here you must be a resident of Irvine or work in Irvine.
Orange County Great Park, Lot 6.
  • Drive through testing
  • Need an appointment. Make one through the link above.
  • Per their website - results available within 3 days.
  • Testing will be billed to your insurance. See website for more information. 
Family Care Centers - Woodbridge Walk-In
4950 Barranca Pkwy, Suite 103, Irvine, CA 92604 (8am - 5pm Monday through Friday; closed on weekends)    (949) 345-1260
  • Accepts most PPO insurances.
  • For HMO insurances: accept Greater Newport Physicians, Monarch, Regal.  
  • Two parts to getting testing: 1) Video visit with a provider in the urgent care discussing why you need to be tested. 2) Schedule an appointment to come to the clinic to be tested. Drive up testing (you do not go into the urgent care. You drive up/park - the provider comes to your car and swabs you). 
  • Results typically within 2-3 days. 
Sand Canyon Urgent Care ( NOT Hoag's urgent care on Sand Canyon)
15775 Laguna Canyon Rd #100, Irvine, CA 92618    ( Mon-Fri: 8:00am-7:00pm,  Sat: 9:00am- 5:00pm,  Sun: 11:00am-5:00pm) ( 949) 417-0272
  • Accepts most PPO insurances. If HMO - please call to see if in network.
  • Make an appointment to be tested. Will need to go into urgent care to be swabbed. Do not offer drive up testing. 
  • Results typically in 2-3 days.