COVID Testing Coupon Codes for UTAH

North Irvine Water Polo Club
Hi NIWPC Families.
For families who are traveling to Utah and wish to pay cash for same day rapid testing, the Orange County Covid Clinic is offering a discounted rate for North Irvine. This coupon code will expire on November 4. 
Schedule an appointment for drive through testing at:
You must select the type of test you wish to have PCR vs Rapid Antigen. The differences were explained in the previous email about testing sites.
The coupon codes are as follows:
This is for PCR testing. 
$150 off. PCR test will be $200 instead of $350
Code will work only for Expedited PCR
**This is the preferred method of testing. 
$40 off, The rapid antigen test will be $110 instead of $150z
Code will work only for Rapid Antigen test. 
All appointment times and payments are made online. 
Note: You do not have to use this clinic. This is merely an option with a discounted rate. Please go where you feel comfortable and is financially sound for you.