North Irvine Water Polo Club has programs available for all level of athletes.  We pride ourselves on instilling the fundamentals at an early age and maintaining it through the different stages of water polo.  Our goal is to set our athletes up for long term success while competing at a high level now.

Splash Ball/Swimming 
Splash ball/Swimming is an introduction to water polo.  There will be a balance of swimming and learning how to pass-shoot-eggbeater.  No experience necessary.  All new percpective athletes will need to do an evaluation before joining.

10 and Under Coed
10 and under coed is for the athlete that is ready to start playing games.  This is a competitive group with regular practice times and tournaments on the weekends.  This group focuses on the fundamentals of body mechanics and game knowledge.

12U &14U Boys/Girls
These programs are designed to compete at the highest age group level.  We have normal practices throughout the week focusing on game knowlege, individual mechanics, conditioning, and team cameraderie.  Our goal is to compete at the annual Junior Olympics Tournament in July and win a medal.  

16U & 18U Boys/Girls
This program focuses on strength, speed, velocity, team cameraderie, game strategy, while continuing to master the fundamentals.  This group is made up of high school athletes prepaing for Junior Olympics and getting them ready for their high school seasons.

Age Eligibility
A players age division is determined by the athletes age on August 1 of ther year in which the tournament is being held.  
For Example; if a player is 12 years old on August 1, they are eligible to compete in the 12 and under division.  If the athlee turns 13 anytime before August 1, the athlete then competes in the 14 and under division

Practice Times
Please see calendars and email communication for Holiday Schedules.