Updated 12/07/2021

Dear Families - 

As an organization, the Berkeley Aquatic Club continues to evaluate returning to normalcy. At this time, we will not be offering Adult Swim Lessons

if interested in getting into the water, consider joining the Berkeley Masters program.  

For more info click on ATHLETES > BERKELEY MASTERS

Questions about masters - [email protected]

Please continue to monitor the website for updates

Thank You,

The Berkeley Swim School Staff


Welcome to The Berkeley Swim School Adult Program

Our professional staff of adult instructors, teachers and coaches is poised and ready to address your swimming needs at all levels and abilities. If you are just learning to swim, or are an accomplished swimmer, we will provide an instructor who will motivate and teach you so that you can progress to the next level. This process may take some time and some perseverance and we will work with you at your own pace. “Water is an incredible resource for fitness because it simultaneously provides buoyancy and resistance. Water exercise works for everyone, every body and every ability level.”

If you miss a class for whatever reason, please feel free to make it up in one of the other classes but always at the same level. We will also be flexible with the times should you be running behind schedule or wish to begin your class at an earlier time. 

Classes are offered Tuesdays and Fridays.

Adults Fall 2019 Session Schedule-No classes 10/14, 11/11/ 11/29 (updated 9/30/19)

Adults Winter/Spring 2020 Session Schedule


We start with simple, safe exercises to learn balance. As soon as you master balance – the feeling of being completely and effortlessly supported by the water – you’ll stop fighting “that sinking feeling” and feel more comfortable than ever. You’ll also learn every subsequent skill much faster. Balance is the foundation skill of efficient swimming. Until you learn it, all your movements will be tiring and inefficient. Learn to swim and enjoy the experience.

Skills: Floating, Submersion, Treading Water, Freestyle, Elementary Backstroke and Backstroke.


Now that you can get across the pool, we’ll begin to work on learning other ways of moving through the water. You’ll begin to use your skills for recreation. We’ll work on increasing your comfort, learning new strokes and building confidence in the water.

Skills: Breathing Patterns, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Flexibility Drills.


The A team enjoys a mixed session of both instruction and practice. These swimmers have developed enough swimming endurance to swim for a period of time with rotary breathing but wish to learn new strokes, improve efficiency and use swimming as a form of exercise.

Skills: Turns, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Pace Clock Understanding, Enhancing Workouts 


Swimmers who participate in a 90 min. coach directed practice. These sessions will include warm-up and swim down, aerobic, anaerobic and skill sets. Master level swimmers, cross trainers, and triathletes are welcome. 


Masters' is a group of swimmers who get together regularly to swim in coach-directed workouts.  This is not a lesson program.  Join others who share your passion for swimming.  Participants are required to join United States Masters Swimming- forms online under masters link.  For the Masters practice schedule, fees, and for more information, please click here.

Private Lessons for Adult Beginners

Please email your name, age, ability, your availability, and phone number.  Payment is made at the time of the lesson by check.  Make out your check to the Berkeley Aquatic Club.  You may pay in advance for scheduled  classes.  Present the check to your instructor or the office/ deck manager.