Graduation High School College E-Mail Address (Optional) Favorite Pre-Race Meal Favorite Pre-Race Music Favorite Motivational Quote
Jeremy Streatfield 1995 Northern Highlands H.S. Bowdoin College 0      
Dan Gettings 1996 Ramsey H.S. Georgetown University [email protected]  Breadsticks at Olive Garden Born To Run Bruce Springsteen Round is still a shape
Donald Casey 1996 Bergen Catholic H.S. Harvard University 0      
Gene Kim 1997 Wayne Hills H.S. Princeton University 0      
Tom Uybarretaa 1997 Ramsey H.S./Peddie Prep. University of Pennsylvania [email protected]  Anything not fried Anything upbeat Race like you practice
Andrew Reiners 1998 Don Bosco Prep H.S. College of New Jersey 0      
Ruwan Silva 1998 Bergen Catholic H.S. Harvard University 0      
Catherine Getty 1999 Wayne Valley H.S. U of Massaachusetts-Amherst 0      
Lauren Wurster 1999 Immaculate Heart Academy College of New Jersey 0      
James Dugan 1999 Northern Highlands H.S. Florida Atlantic University 0 Half a bagel Any song from Rocky Any scene in Rocky IV
Meaghan Casey 1999 Immaculate Heart Academy Harvard University 0      
Julie LaBarr 1999 Northern Highlands H.S. College of New Jersey 0      
Sara Dempsey 1999 Clarkstown South H. S. New York University [email protected]  bagel toasted with cream chees Back then, I listened to a lot of alternative rock. I remember borrowing Catherine Getty's Toadies cd and maybe listening to Siamese Dream. These days I motivate with 50 Cent and Rick Ross ('cause I'm a boss!). I also loved when a team would play "Eye of the Tiger" or any music from a training sequence in an movie. "Someone may beat me, but they are going to have to bleed to do it" Steve Prefontaine
Kate Miller 2001 Immaculate Heart Academy Middlebury College 0      
Scott Atkinson 2002 Indian Hills H.S./Peddie Prep. Middlebury College [email protected]  Chicken Parmagian at Meoli's Pearl Jam/A Tribe Called Quest Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm
Phil Umbrino 2003 Tappan Zee H.S., New York Gettysburg College [email protected]      
Christina DiNapoli 2005 Immaculate Heart Academy Georgetown University [email protected] Pasta and Meatballs   If you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail
Jenna Alt 2006 Immaculate Heart Academy Rensselaer Polytechnic Institue [email protected]      
Dan Fimbianti 2006 Bergen County Academies Penn State University [email protected]      
Emily Wilson Cardinal 1997 Suffern High School University of Delaware     We Will Rock You   
Ed Grill       [email protected]      
Sara Montgomery 1995 Ridgewood High School Bucknell University [email protected] Baked Potato or Olive Garden Good Vibrations If you can't run with the big dogs, stay off the porch
Bob Bianchi 1993 Fairfield High School James Madison University [email protected] Pasta Anything Van Halen There is no tomorrow from Rocky 3
Kimberly Dinapoli 2011 Immaculate Heart Academy Georgetown University 15' [email protected] Grilled chicken and pasta Bottoms Up by Keke Palmer or Levels by Avicii If it is to be, it is up to me or Failing to prepare is preparing to fail
George Eversmann 1996 Albertus Magnus  St. Bonaventure University 00' B.S. in Phys. Ed.   SUNY Cortland College M.S. in Sports Management 12' [email protected] the night before was always a  massive carbo load usually pasta but then wouldn’t eat the morning of the meet Anything heavy, hard and fast…mostly Pantera "Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional"            "Be True to Yourself"
Heather Brash 1996 Wayne Hills H.S. University of Vermont 00' Elementary Education [email protected] Pasta and bagel in the morning of meets They Might Be Giants…Particle Man  
Amanda Smeal 1997 Northern Highlands Middlebury College 02' - Political Science        
Kimberly Green 1997 IHA 01 U of Maryland College Park, Biology/Psychology   '05 Mercy College, Masters Science in Occupational Therapy [email protected]     What does not kill you makes you stronger
Julliane Wainstein       [email protected]      


If any Bergen Barracudas that would like to be listed as a "Bergen Barracuda Alumni", please send an e-mail to your president, Tom Uyberrata. Please say when you graduated and give a statement of what the Bergen Barracudas meant to you!