“Our mission is to provide a competitive program that employs intentional coaching
to develop well rounded athletes who are physically fit, have proficient strokes,
possess high self esteem and who strive to be outstanding members of society.”

Intentional coaching constantly reflects on practices and makes instruction decisions based on a clear understanding of how these practices affect our swimmers.

We provide a positive atmosphere where swimmers can attain their goals through the guidance of our experienced and progressive coaching staff. 

Together with our families we encourage team spirit, sportsmanship and personal empowerment.


Our philosophy embraces one main theme – individual development.

The development of good character and positive self-image must start with a feeling of self worth, which is the theme of our coaching philosophy. Positive self-image will be developed by teaching the swimmers how to set goals, to dedicate themselves toward those goals, and how to reach those personal goals. The coaching techniques and mechanics will be the same at all levels.

The development of a team concept is part of the Barracuda philosophy. Every swimmer on the Bergen Barracudas is an important part of the whole team. The older swimmers help the younger swimmers by working with them and by acting as good role models: This is the tradition of the Bergen Barracuda Swim Team.


To swim FAST! That's the bottom line.

To work HARD! To understand what to do to obtain swimming goals.
To PROGRESS to ever higher levels of success and achievement.