Bergen Barracudas Swim Team Training Groups:

The Bergen Barracudas uses a progressive program designed to develop children physically, mentally and emotionally in a systematic fashion.
EliteOur most dedicated swimmers putting swimming before any other sport.  Intensive training includes dry land and weights. Goals are set towards sectional and national times. They practice 6 days per week, including dryland and weights.  Training is intense with emphasis on the physiological characteristics of power, speed and endurance to achieve an individual’s maximum potential. These swimmers are required to attend 5 practices minimum a week. Ages 13-18. 
Elite-Prep:   Our younger dedicated swimmers and serious competitors that put swimming before any other sport/activity.  Intensive training includes dry land. Goals are set towards Junior Olympic times. This group is set up to prepare swimmers for Elite. Ages 13-18.
Seniors: Swimmers train with more intensity. Swimmers set goals and are challenged to improve stroke skills, endurance and conditioning.   This group allows swimmers who do other activities to swim competitively. Ages 12-18.
BlueTop age-group swimmers who have demonstrated proficiency in various areas. Distance endurance, goal setting and stroke techniques are emphasized here. Swimmers are challenged to demonstrate a greater commitment to swimming and to increase their desire to work hard.  
RedSwimmers have their first contact with competitive swim training and larger swim meets.  Coaches introduce goal setting, stress proper stroke techniques and use fun drills to enhance a swimmer’s confidence. 
WhiteFun-filled training geared to develop enjoyment of the sport while providing basics of stroke techniques and physical conditioning. Swimmers begin to compete in mini-meets.  To be accepted in this group swimmers need to be able to swim two complete laps of the pool without stopping and be able to swim freestyle and backstroke. 
Pre-CompFun-filled training while providing basics of stroke techniques and physical conditioning. Swimmers may compete in mini-meets. Swimmers need to be able to swim freestyle and beginning backstroke.

Swim lessons program:

In addition to the swim team, the Bergen Barracudas offers a rich variety of lessons programs for young children:

Clinic: is for children who are more experienced swimmers. These swimmers already know how to swim front crawl (freestyle) and backstroke, Clinic is for swimmers who want to and are able to learn higher level swimming skills and strokes. The two strokes that are taught in clinic are Breaststroke and Butterfly. Please see LESSON SIGNUP page for more details.

Learn to Swim: is for children who are not experienced swimmers. These swimmer need to get used to the water and begin moving forwards on their stomachs and backs. The movement has to be fluid and close to effortless before the student is moved to the CLINIC level. Please see LESSON SIGNUP page for more details.